Sunday, October 29, 2006

Modern Cosmopolitan Egypt Before 1952

What happened to Good ol' Egypt....The Egypt before the 52" coupe? Before that horrible coupe' Egypt was a cosmopolitan, glorious, country, where Arts and Fashion were abundant, where most people were happy, where if someone worked hard they could actually achieve...

Before the Revolution, people from all over used to migrate to Egypt, specially Cairo & Alexandria, it was full of Greeks, Armenians, and many more people...Most of those migrants worked in the private sector and owned their own business, and they took care of the poor people that worked for them, and paid them well! Then the "Revolution" came and *NATIONALIZED all business, so ofcourse most of those people left Egypt!

What happened to EGYPTIAN JEWS? You know Egypt had over 100,000 Jewish citizens,they were treated just like anyone else during the pre-disaster(revolution) days, I mean why shouldn't they be, they were EGYPTIANS.. Big department stores such as Chiquorelle were owned by jewish families, but ofcourse even though they were EGYPTIANS when the Revolution came, they were discriminated against and pretty much given no choice but to leave Egypt.

Egypt had buildings that rivaled those in Europe and anywhere in the world, beautiful buildings...those buildings still stand now, except that now they have chicken coupes on the roof and are dirty and near tumbling over.. If you look at some of the old buildings in Alex and Cairo you can see how beautiful they must have been at one time, it makes me so sad to see this!

All you have to do is just watch Egyptian movies from the 40's and 50's and you see how beautiful and classy Egypt was, we had Starlets and stars, now we are happy with Mohamed Saad and Elhinidy..The Golden era is over, even in our movies, they are so stupid those slap stick comedies...I recommend watching

Omarit Ya3kobian . This movie shows you how corrupt and lost Egypt has become!

What exactly did this 1952 revolution do for us? NOT MUCH...The officers had great intentions I think, and ofcourse they wanted to help Egypt, but they committed a big mistake by taking over Egypt.. I feel like that day was the beginning of the decline of our Beautiful Country, and look at it now! Even when someone like SADAT came and was maybe ready to make a difference and lead us to prosperity again, Egyptians killed him! That day I believe Egypt lost all hope.. :(

Mr Nasser introduced FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION, what a STUPID idea, how could you just give ANYONE a free education, yes teach them howto read and write and put them through highschool, but not just FREE through college, give that FREE EDUCATION to people that DESERVE it, as in a SCHOLARSHIP system, not just anyone...Now everyone is a doctor, Engineer..blah blah blah, and they can't find jobs ofcourse because EVERYONE has a degree, it doesn't mean anything anymore!!

Egypt ofcourse wasn't perfect before the revolution,the kings were greedy but to an extent, maybe farouk was too much of a puppet, but I think he played his cards right.. But the Bashawat and beys always took care of the poor people, my grandmother tells me back then, Yes some people were struggling but overall the country was a million times better, she said the rich always gave a lot to the poor, and there were many jobs..

If you don't agree with what I'm saying, JUST COMPARE, Egypt Then and NOW, and if it stays on the path it is now, then this will be EGYPT BY 2018, and we definitly don't wanna see that!

It is impossible for a regime change now, so the change must come from within, every person must start by HIMESLF first...and maybe, just maybe in another 50 years we will return to our old glory :( "ya Khosara ya masr"

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Israeli Army firing on Demonstrators, injuring an Israeli

Got this VIDEO from OUWET.COM a Lebanese Forces Blog.

Israeli activists have uploaded a video of the shooting of Lymor and the initial violence of the Israeli military in Bil’in on Friday, August 11th.

The video clearly shows the Border Police unit firing on the demonstrators from close range. There is no evidence that the soldiers were in danger. Typically, the military spokesperson has claimed that “activists threw stones” and Haaretz’s article yesterday reiterating the same false information. The video also clearly shows the commander of the unit saying, “This is Lebanon!” as he orders his force to fire on retreating demonstrators, and “I will not allow a demonstration during

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SO, after Visiting EGYPT, what is my view??

So, i've been back to the USA now for about a month, was in Egypt from Aug 28th-Sept 29th.

Let me get started by saying Egypt is great and i LOVE IT..10% was clean and organized but i'm gonna talk about the other 90% of the country now.

WOW! Poor Egypt, its people treat it like SHIT!...IF Egypt was a person she would ask "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?"

The Garbage, all over, people just throw their garbage and litter in the street without even thinking twice...and people around them don't say a word about it.

When i asked a few people why they do this, they said "you must be from out of town" i said "NO, I'm Egyptian, aren't you, why do you do this to your country?" They had no answer.

The beautiful Medeterraean sea, in Alexandria, i feel bad for it, You can see what the Governer of ALEX (now head of all governers in egypt) has done to the city, he realy tried to do alot, but still people just have no respect for their surroundings..Sidi Bishr beach was done up nicely but on the beach itself there was garbage everwhere. If you want to goto a nice beach in Alex, you have to goto MONTAZA..Anywhere nice in Egypt it seems you have to goto a PRIVATE place, because 90% of the public treat other places like SHIT!

It was nice how they expanded the cournish road to 4 lanes now, BUT the crossing tunnels are too far apart, so every day people are crossing 8 lanes of highspeed traffic, daily people die on the cournishe..

And don't get me started on the Rail-Way station, it was disgusting, specially when riding from Alex and going into Cairo,i couldn't believe the garbage, i even said "are we entering Cairo or a DUMP" people got offended, but you know what, they act offended and like they care, but their actions sure don't show that!!

The driving is rediculous, people just have NO RESPECT for traffic laws, the RED LIGHT means nothing to them, they have to have a police at every light so people may obey. and the sad thing is that the police at the light are just young kids from the country side who get no respect from the public to begin with, and THEY HATE THEIR JOB (they are moganadeen, as in the Army and are forced to do this job) Even the OFFICERS aren't paid well at all, so therefore they accept bribes and never do their job to the fullest, but you can't blame them, they need to feed their families!

Why can't people there even stand in line? i can't believe such a simple thing is hard to do, i went to buy some sandwiches, and people were all over trying to pay, i asked where the line was and ofcourse they said "you must not be from here" :(

I was walking on the Nile cournishe in Cairo and eating Corn, after i finished i asked a man selling something on the side if he had a wastebasket for me to throw the stem in, he said "the nile, throw it in the nile" i said "NO THANKS, i'm egyptian i don't polutte my NILE" ofcourse he thought i was crazy, but this just shows you how much people don't care or are so unaware ....

My aunt heads Nile TV, and i tried to talk to her about some of these things and she just told me thats EGYPT and thats how it is! While at the TV building (goverment owned television ofcourse) i met an Anchor from BBC news his name was Robert Buttler, he was there training Egyptian news people, he is retired as a TV anchor and is now a consultant. Him and I and my Aunt went to lunch and discussed a few things about Egypt, he was a great guy,and he said Egypt needed people such as myself to try and make a change... if your reading this Robert, it was a pleaure meeting you.

I ask myself What Happened? and the answer lies in GAMAL ABD-ELNASER, that man had good intentions but he DESTROYED our economy and led us to many fruitless wars where thouands of Egyptians were killed for NOTHING! the THAWRA (revolution) was the downfall of Egypt, you may say King Farouk was a bad man but NO, he wan't good but he wasn't Bad either, during his time Egypt was clean, and fashionable and a cosmopolitan place, just look at the movies from the 1940's and you will see how beautiful and different Egypt was then, and how the people even talked and acted different! My grandmother told me during Farouk, the Rich gave alot to the poor, and everyone took care of one another for the benefit of the country! I'm sure many of you wont' agree with me about Gamal Abd Elnasser but hey, LOOK AT THE FACTS!

I asked a taxi driver in Alex, why do people treat Egypt like this< he had a great answer he said "look at us, look at me, this 1965 piece of shit taxi to buy is LE35,000, ($5,000) , i couldn't beleive it, a car like that shouldn't be worth more than $200, he told me how bad the economy was, and how the goverment just takes bribes and does'nt care about the LOWER class of the population, he said look at how we live, then he said "IF EGYPT WAS ON FIRE I WOULDN'T PEE ON IT TO SAVE IT"...i kind of got his point, the goverment has abandoned its people, they make everything so complicated and hard on the poor people.. and the people have no love for their country because of that!

I couldn't believe how many women now dawn the HIJAB, it was never like this before, i'm muslim but i think Hijab is a choice not a solid part of Islam..Now most of the women are wearing the Hijab, and they are mostly wearing it because of social pressure not because of Religious beliefs..Remmber the beautiful Egyptian classy women such as Om Kalthoum and so on, they didn't dawn the hijab and they were well respected and loved by all...Listen if your gonna wear the HIJAB but tight jeans and makeup then WHY?

I am not just gonna sit back and critisize Egypt while i'm living it up in the USA, i'm gonna try and make a change, all the good minds are leaving EGYPT, we need to go back and make a change..I'm going to try and save some money here and in 5 years go back and make a change!! WHY? Because i LOVE MY COUNTRY! The Egyptian people have such good hearts...dirty, clean, rich or poor they have GOOD HEARTS!

Now, there were also beautiful places in Egypt, such as Sharm El Sheikh, beautiful and clean, i had a great time there, also in ALEX there were very nice and clean places, they cleaned up alot, and in cairo as well...What i'm trying to say i guess is Egypt is UGLY and BEAUTIFUL at the same time!! To go somewhere nice, you had to pay or have a membership it seemed like, and you had to pay alot, some of the nice clubs cost me LE150 just to get in, such as the HardRock and Pacha in Sharm El Sheikh..