Monday, December 25, 2006


Its a shame that only a very few Egyptian Jews remain in Egypt now...don't you ever wonder what happened to them, those people were EGYTPIAN, and they were an integral part of our society and lived in harmony with their countrymen as equal citizens, Egyptian jews were just like any other Egyptian, but unfortunatley once the ZIONISM movement started many Egyptiians didn't understand the difference between Zionism and Judaism...and the sentiment against them turned bitter, specially after the ."LAVON AFFAIR where Egyptian jews were recruited by Israel to spy on Egypt and bomb several key foreign targets in Egypt, after that many Egyptians mistrusted all Egyptian Jews.

Anyways now adays most egyptians dont understand THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JUDAISM AND ZIONISM which is very sad. I am 100% against Zionism and the autrocities the state of Israel commits...but i am not against Judaism and have a deep respect for that religion, specially that i am a muslim i know that the Prophet lived peacfully with the jews and said they must be treated well when living amongst muslims, since they are people of the book. Read the Article below regarding jews of Egypt.


READ THIS THE ARTICLE:Few Egyptian Jews Left, Proud But Cautious

Thursday, December 14, 2006

This is Bad...Very Bad. Muslim Brother hood in Egypt

THIS IS BAD The MB members who are students at Azhar University held a protest that was very alarming. My view is the Goverment should CRUSH THEM!! Unfortunatley its the only way to deal with those people.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Sunni Lebanese opinion.

HERE READ THIS view of a sunni Lebanese blogger regarding the current crisis Hassouna has created, BEIRUT SPRING lives in Lebanon, and has a great blog.


Hizbolla has influenced the Sunni opinion outside Lebanon via news stations such as AL Jazeera but can't fool the Sunni Lebanese.. HERE IS A GOOD POST ABOUT THIS

We should all stand by Seniora if we want a stable middle east. I've Said it before, if Hizbolla takes over in Libnan, then the Muslim Brother hood will take over in Egypt!!

A quick Thought about the current Lebanese Crisis.

Hello Egyptians and Arabs , and any readers..Now can i tell you something, maybe it will open your mind and maybe not. Israel sucks.(i'm not saying all jews, i mean Israels Goverment and Zionist movement supporters) ..we all know that, what they do in Palestine and Libnan is 100% wrong. Now..Israel just bombed Libnan due to an excuse that HIzballah kidnapped their israel is done with bombin libnan, and the new PROBLEM that is about to destroy libnan is Hizbolla...uncle Hassouna is not an elected ruler of lebanon, and Hizbolla should not act as a state within a state..DONT GET MAD, just hear me out.

Hassan Nasrallah cannot be your hero JUST BECAUSE he stood up to Israel, Hizbollah cannot be allowed to run a democratic country like libnan, they would let SYRIA and IRAN get involved in everything and take libnan down with them. Most lebanese weather they are christian or muslim don't like Hizbolla, specially the sunni muslims they have actually a couple of fights in the street with them teh past few days/ Hizbolla is willing to fight israel to the last lebanese ....lebanese dont' want that, The lebanese want to live in peace and not get in any fights or problems....

What Hassan Nasrallahs Hizbolla movement is doing could lead to a Lebanese Civil War. Rafik Harriri is the man who rebuilt Lebanon and in his last days he was against Syria's interferance in libnans affairs and was calling for Hizbolla to DISARM...

so not anyone that STANDS UP TO ISRAEL should be a hero...i feel like some arabs if someone kills their mom and rapes her but the next day they fight israel or america they are their hereos...Expand your minds..and look at the BIG PICTURE!
Listen, Hizbolla stood up to ISrael, yes and they did a good job at it, BUT thats where it should END... There is an elected Lebanese Goverment headed by Fouad Seniora that handles the countries political Hizbolla needs to butt out of this, if they want to be involved, then they should disarm, and not be so FARSI and SYRIAN oriented!!

Would you realy want to be ruled by a man like HASSAN NASRALLA? Trust me if Hizbolla takes over Lebanon, next will be the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and so on and so on...