Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Third Day in EGYPT.

I arrived in Cairo 3 days ago, flying over the pyramids brought a tear to my Eye, after 13 years of being away from my home, it realy hit me, I"M HOME! Landed in Cairo airport, met by my Mom and Dad, we headed to Tahrir where my mother now lives, the traffic was shocking, very hard to adjust to, some streets were clean some were very dirty, again a very hard thing to adjust to. My father and i then dropped my mom off then we headed to Alexandria, the road is actually fairly new, but ofcourse the driving is hard to describe, people just drive and thats it, no lanes, nothing, but there were 2 speed check points. We arrived in Alex and thats when i Realy felt like i'm home, the smell of the Sea, man did i miss that smell!! Alex is alot more crowded then what it was years ago, and i noticed there are alot of veiled women, it was definitly not like this when i lived here. The courniche is amazing, but unfortunatly all the buildings paint is peeled off and rotted from the salt corrosion, they need to use better paint, but i'll get into the "CHANGE" part later. Its just good to be home, the welcome i got from some old family friends was undescribable, it was amazing. I even found one of my best friends from childhood still living at the same house, i just walked there and i saw his mother, and she hid me in the living room because he was in the shower, then when he came out i surprised him, after 12 YEARS, TWELVE YEARS, it was amazing.

There are many changes that need to be taken here, and again i will get into that after i spend some more time here and get a feel to the population and my surroundings. I LOVE BEING HOME! :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm finally going to EGYPT 8/27-9/28

I havn't been back in a long time, i am so excited to go back and see Egypt for myself, God willing i make it there safely. Hopefully my next entry will be from Alexandria ;)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What can i do for my Country?

What can i do for my country? I keep asking myself this question. As i'm sitting here in beautiful CLEAN Arizona, USA complaining about how filthy Egypt is, and how there is no System and how corrupt the goverment and the people are, i ask myself this question. I love Egypt, i have not been back in many years, i was born there and grew up there till i was 14, it is my country! But do i realy want to go back to country where no one is accountable for anything that happens, where human life isn't worth a dime, where people have no hope and just gave up, where a man is one minute holding up his flag acting like a patriot but the next minute littering in the street of his own Country? Yes i do want to go back! i want to go back and make a change!

I think people like Big pharoah, Sand monkey and myself and other bloggers who have great ideas and suggestions about Egypt need to take action, all we do is complain, but when will we take action.

I am going to enroll in a political science program, and i'm going HOME one day and i will make a change, and if i can't, at least i will try!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Israeli PM's Speech & Propaganda

Propaganda is a specific type of message presentation directly aimed at influencing the opinions of people, rather than impartially providing information.

Today I received an e-mail from a friend, the title was "What Israel is going Through" This email was of a speech given by the Israeli PM after the Quana massacre. It is a very well written and calculated speech, that would definitely draw sympathy towards Israel to the average person who doesn't know the roots of the middle east conflict (ie:most Americans). In it the PM tries to draw world support by instilling fear in other nations. He actually uses the Quana massacre to his advantage, emphasizing how the Israelis don't parade their dead children's body parts on TV and how the Arabs do, in bringing up that point he actually turns the tide around and makes the reader feel that Arabs are savages for showing such photos of their dead children.

Propaganda is like a chess game, and the Israelis have been excelling at it for decades. Sure the Arab media tries the same tactics, but it fails to make its point in a more "Civilized" way, ie: Parading the dead children for example.

The state of Israel has 12 major USA Public Relations companies working for them to make sure they keep a nice peaceful image, I'm sure it never crossed an Arab countries mind to use such a smart tactic. At the end of the email, its says, "if you want to help the world, send this to 20 of your friends, and make sure they send it to 20 more" I must say those Israelis are smart, maybe us Arabs need to take a few pointers from them... This speech is a prime example, its very moving, and again a person who does not know the roots of this conflict would easily be persuaded into joining the pro Israeli camp.
I'd have to give him an A+ for execusion and delivery, but a D- for truth


Ok so how about a laugh!

I love Egypt, Egypt is a pretty modern Arab country, but there are definitly some social ills. This cartoon pokes fun at those social ills. Watch scene one and then watch Scene2, the graphics are meant to be cheesy by the way! Its in Arabic.I guarantee you'll get a laugh out of this if you've been to Egypt.
Egypt in 2018

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Articles by Robert Fisk concerning the current war.

Robert Fisk is a world renowned British writer, he covered the Lebanese civil war, and is the Author of Pity the Nation.
This cease fire draft shows who is running America's policy... Israel

'How can we stand by and allow this to go on?'

Slaughter in Quana

Another 9/11?

The Real Estate War!!

I read THIS EXCELLENT ARTICLE on the Beirut Live Blog , very interesting!

Mr. Levy is the voice of reason. Hopefully he will be heard across Israel. It's time to understand the Arab perspective: Israel's occupation of land is the source of all wars in the Middle East.

By Gideon Levy

Saturday, August 05, 2006

How about those Wacky Iraqis!!

The death toll in Iraq has surpassed a 100 people daily, and the saddest part is that its from violence by Iraqis on Iraqis. Every day I read the news and you hear of numerous people getting killed in suicide bombings there, in ambushes in all sorts of ways, Sunni killing Shia, Shia killing sunni, they are bombing one another's holy places that have been there for years, and its all done in the name of Religion. What a shame! Remember this isn't the U.S military killing Iraqis, this is violence from within, we all know the USA made a huge mistake when they went into Iraq, but Bush is a HOMAR and that's well known and doesn't' need any discussion.

I just don't understand how the Arab world doesn't give this sectarian violence any thought, where are the protests against the Iraqis killing eachother? We only see protests regarding Iraq when they are against the USA, that's it! Are we as Arabs that narrow minded? Today I was watching TV and I saw how in Iraq there was huge protest of Shias, and a few Sunnis together to support Hezbollah, and chant death to America and Israel, well at least it looks like the Sunnis and Shias of Iraq have found common ground in something! But I'm sure tomorrow they will be killing eachother again, and ofcourse in the name of religion.

unfortunately it looks like Uncle Saddams regime was the only regime that kept Iraq united. It appears that you had to rule those people with an iron fist, because look at what happens when you give them a little bit of rope, they just Hang themselves with it!! I can't imagine what would happen if the U.S military pulled out now....They are the only form of law there, since none of the Iraqis realy take their new puppet government seriously. The USA commited its biggest mistake by toppling Saddam's government, and sending Iraq into the brink of Civil war. If the USA pulled out now it would be an all out blood bath in Iraq, that's if it isn't already.

Probably one of the best Posts out there! 7Rules of the APU, on Sandmonkeys BLOG!

I was reading through Rantings of a Sandmonkeys Blog and came across this post! some of it is so true and makes alot of sense, and some of it i don't 100% agree with, anywyas, direct link to Sandmonkeys blog!

The 7 rules of the Arab Parellel Universe

1) Arabs never make mistakes, and they rarely lose wars.
2) The Zionists and the Americans are always to blame for everything that is wrong in the APU.
3) If there is any credit at all that can be contributed to Arabs in any way, they will take it.
4) Good leadership is inversely related to how US-friendly a leader is!
5) Any media that is not the official state-owned media is filled with Zionist, Jewish, American, Christian, imperialist, anti-arab influences and they LIE ALL THE TIME!
6) There is really no need for elections in the APU, because Presidents and rulers are presidents and rulers for life.
7) The only viable alternative candidate to the current leader or president is this current leader or president’s son

My view on the Israel/ Hezbollah war!

This atrocious war has been going on for almost a month now. Civilians are dying on both sides, and there is no clear winner or obtainable objective in site for either party. Israel thinks it can eradicate Hezbollah militarily, I believe that is impossible. Hezbollah are intertwined with the population, you can't get rid of them in any other way but diplomacy, they are unfortunately part of Lebanon. All Israel's rampage is doing is recruiting and making more people sympathize with Hezbollah. Israel is literally committing mass murder in Lebanon, and the world just watches. While killing civilians and destroying Lebanons infrastructure and weakining Lebanons goverment in the process, Israel is delivering Lebanon into the clutches of Hizbollah.

Hezbollah is not the one suffering much from Israel's onslaught, it is Lebanon as a whole and its population. This country was a very democratic moderate country in the middle east, I believe by next year there was going to be a lot of pressure exerted on Hezbollah to lay down their arms and become a strictly political party. I just watched Nasrallah on TV telling Israel if you bomb central Beirut I will bomb Tel-Aviv, that is just plain stupid, why keep antagonizing a merciless nation like Israel.

Israel should face war trials for what they have done in Lebanon after this is over, and they should be required to pay the bill to rebuild Lebanon's infrastructure, and there should be UN sanctions against them as well. What Israel is doing absolutely disgusts me, they are obliterating Lebanon, and every time they kill a big group of civilians they say "sorry, it was a mistake" or they say its Arab Propaganda! Israel has destroyed all the bridges and major roads, and there is no gasoline for cars available anyways, then they drop leaflets and tell the Lebanese to leave the area they will bomb. Where are those people supposed to go? and how can they get there?

Where is the UN in all this? It seems that Israel and the USA don't have to listen to the U.N. Kofi Anan seems to have no control, even though he is trying. Even the 48 hour stopage of Aerial bombardment by Israel was never implimented, Israel broke that decision the next morning.

Hezbollah must be disarmed and dealt with by the LEBANESE government and army, they cannot be allowed to remain in Lebanon. They are only a thorn in the side of a moderate Lebanon. Either they disarm and become primarily a political peaceful movement or they must be dealt with some other way.

We must also realize something, many people in south Lebanon depend on Hizbolla, this is due to the failure of the Lebanese goverment itself to provide to its poor south Lebanon population, and Hizbolla has stepped in and filled that void, by providing health care, education, hospitals and so on....So the Lebanese goverment by not dealing with the problems in the South have themselves contributed to Hizbollahs popularity.

There are no winners in this war only losers. Remember all the dead can never be brought back. The 750,000 displaced people in Lebanon are very angry, and I'm sure some of them are very vengeful, which you cannot blame them! Israel has only succeeded in creating more enemies throughout the world.

I am 100% against what Israel is doing and the way they have handled the situation in Lebanon, but i am also 100% against any entity such as Hizbolla, in this day and age there is no room for such militant groups.

Egypt on MYSPACE

Check this out, Egypt has her own myspace page!

I figured people need to see a modern Egypt, most people around the world picture Egypt in a whole different light, Pyramids, Desert, Beggers and so on. So i gathered some pictures, and information and made a EGYPT page on MYSPACE.

17 Ways to modernize EGYPT.

These are some of the reforms I believe we need to see in EGYPT, I wrote these points down about a year ago, before the new Israeli aggression, which I am totally against, but me being against Israel's actions, absolutely does not mean I support any Islamic or otherwise militant movement! I'm not looking to change the world or the country with my suggestions, they are merely suggestions that if put into action could only improve our state.

1) Clean the city, if someone gets caught throwing garbage in the street give them a ticket, if your walking down the street and you see a piece of paper, pick it up and throw it away. Why do people keep their city dirty, I just don't get it? who wants to live in this filth? My grandmother tells me of the time when Egypt was a clean country, what happened?

2)Care about human life, and don't just say its fate and it was their time to go.

3) MUST MUST separate religion from state, Egypt is not one religion it is many. Every EGYPTIAN no matter his religion must feel welcome in his country. Teach respect of religion weather it be Jewish, Muslim or Christian, Teach kids to judge people by their actions not their religion.

4)Create a minimum wage(people get paid a certain amount of money at the minimum, for example in America no one can get paid less than $5.75 an hour, its illegal) so that poor people aren't always poor. So that people can actually make something out of nothing.

5) Absolutely free enterprise, too many businesses and services are owned by the government in Egypt,, private hospitals,ambulance companies,security companies ect..., so that there is competition and companies have to have good customer service to stay in business.

6)Create a credit rating system so people can borrow money from banks and buy homes and cars, and if they do not pay their bills,go after them legally government loans to small business owners, so they can start a business, and provide a service to make the community better, and better themselves.

7) Educate POLICE, respect them, don't just make them a shawish and pay them nothing, pay them good so that they are motivated and feel like they are something. Respect is one of the biggest motivators.

8)Ticket speeders and bad drivers who don't obey traffic laws and make them pay a fine and go to court, therefore people are liable and will think twice before they drive like morons.

9)GOVERNMENT regulations on buildings and parks and any areas, so owners must stay on top of their work and keep our city looking good, repair roads and buildings(remove ugly advertisements from building sides) by using private construction companies, that have to compete for business therefore they do a good job. Make our city look good.

10)Instill in the kids that they must grow up and be successful, that they don't have to be poor, teach them that praying and so on is important but also working and making a lot of money is important and possible, you can't just keep on praying, you must work hard and want to be something.

11)Stop preaching hate against Israel and America, look at our own country and its problems and try to fix it and its economy before crying about Palestine and Iraq. What Israel is doing in Lebanon and Palestine is of course wrong and horrible. But we really need to Help our country first then help anyone else.

12) increase government employees pay so that they actually do a good job and not just hate their job and hate being there, therefore passing their misery onto the consumer.

13)Allow free press, people should babble to talk freely and state their opinions.

14)Make the armed forces voluntary, but create opportunities, such as free private colleges if you are in the armed forces, benefits, insurance. Make a soldier, even the lowest rank feel proud and patriotic not miserable, and treated like a cockroach.

15)Free democratic election so that candidates must try hard to make the country happy and improve it. Only 4 year terms like in the USA, not 20 something years. Be very careful when voting, we don't want a crazy Iran Like Islamic state.

16) Create rules and regulate all aspects of the country, such as the taxis for example, make them have to pass emission tests for example, forced regulations make companies more liable and responsible for what they do.

17)I really think the Education system in Egypt is TOO HARD, yes too hard, I remember up until I was 14(the year I moved to USA) I was always studying, hours upon hours, I had nothing else to do. Not enough time for sports or to expand ones mind. In the USA and Europe people develop their learning skills, but have time to join in other activities therefore they get to expand their horizons.

* Just give people hope!