Thursday, August 10, 2006

Israel, Oil & the planned demolition of Lebanon

READ ARTICLE HERE Very good aticle.


Anonymous said...

Your post is a disgusting compilation of lies, distortions and the worst kind of hatred. I could feel sorry for you, but your complicity in your own moral demise makes it inappropriate. You deserve contempt and condemnation.

Modern Pharaoh said...

Oh realy, look like you just can't handle the truth. Reality Check!!

Keep supporting Israels aggression, which only creates more Terrorists..To every action there is a reaction, and trust me, Israel isn't making any friends!

Nobody said...

In my view what your blog provides a very good answer to the question you ask in the title - why your countries are so backward. This is because you have this passion for these insane and paranoic conspiracy theories. It looks like you ve got a whole mentality based on this shit.

Nobody says that israel is some altruistic community dedicated to spreading wellfare across the ME , but nevertheless some sanity may come handy when you analyse the motives of israel .

You think on some subconsious assumption that if some act or policy can be interpreted in two different ways, its the most vicious and paranoic one that authomatically should be considered to be more realistic. This way you dont think simple and practical but instead just slip more and more into this mess of plots and conspiracies where even satan would have a hard time to understand who is who.

You countries are so disunited and prone to internal violence for the same reason. Because you apply the same style of analysis to each other, its not limited to the west/israel. So everybody is always suspicious of another one. People dont trust each other and dont trust their leaders, the leaders dont trust each other and dont trust their people. Your societies lack the most basic trust that glue other societies together. You think that its very smart to elaborate these complicated plot scenarios, but its a way to nowhere really.

Anonymous said...


Twosret said...

Modern Pharaoh,

Good post,keep doing what you are doing and ignore the trolls.

Anonymous said...

What a foolish notion that Lebanon is an ally of the US. When Israel pulled out of Lebanon there was a UN resolution that hizbullah was to be disarmed. You do remember that I'm sure, but Lebanon was both unwilling and unable to do so. this clearly demontrates the power of hizbullah, which the US considers a terrorist organization. Lebanon is not a US ally. There is no Lebanon, only Syria. The cedar revolution was nothing but empty words. The good life, the party life in Lebanon has been doomed long before the Israelis started bombing.

Anonymous said...

I usually like your posts, but this time you have gone CUCKOO!!!!

Lebanon has NEVER been friendly to the US, unless by "friendly" you mean "repeatedly murdering hundreds of Americans":

Yikes... the 83 barracks, the 83 embassy, and the 84 embassy bombings.... i thought of 3 immediately even without googling.

PLEASE don't tell me you are some "protocols of zion" bullcrap type... everytime i get excited thinking there ARE moderates in the middle east , i hear someone spout off some "zionist pigs eat muslim blood" #$%.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't fall into the hands of the CAIR types... I'm not saying love Israel but I am saying that you are MUCH MUCH smarter than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Modern Pharaoh said...

Mr Anonymus, you need to check your facts before you start saying that Lebanon wasn't friendly with USA. What just happened in Lebanon was a disaster, Israel is 100% wrong and now all they did was give Hizbolla credibility and more power!!!

Maya said...

You don't understand Israel AT ALL & it's people like you who are the reason there's no peace in the middle east. Get your head outta your ass & your facts streight.

Zvi said...

Whitney's article is yet another mishmash of conspiracy theories and idiotic lies.

You can't possibly believe this stuff, MP; you're too smart for that.

Whitney claims:

* Israel committed ethnic cleansing in Lebanon. Remember the Serbs in Bosnia? THAT was ethnic cleansing.
* Whitney claims, against the massive evidence that Israel's goal was to smash Hizballah, that Israel's goal was to annex south Lebanon, an area Israel left 6 years ago with a sense of "good riddance".
* Whitney offers no evidence of his claims that the Israeli leaders are building a "Greater Israel". He simply spews hatred and propaganda.
* When considering claims about "Greater Israel", remember that Israel voluntarily gave back the Sinai to Egypt and has not set foot in it since (except for numerous tourists visiting your resorts) in 30+ years. Israel has not fought Jordan for nearly 40 years, since the PLO was kicked out of Jordan and stopped attacking Israel from there. There is, in fact, zero evidence that Israel has any plans to grow Israel in Lebanon, Jordan, or Egypt.
* Whitney is an anti-Semite, launching attacks on Jews as well as Israelis.
* Whitney also has bizarre beliefs about Israel's economy, which in fact does not need to become central to the oil trade. Israel was one of the fastest growing economies earlier this year, without any oil trade at all. The only way Israel COULD become involved in the oil trade would be through friendship with the countries around it, so Whitney's claims are simply more hate-mongering.

etc etc.

As I said, you're much smarter than this flake. I sincerely hope you haven't fallen for his nonsense.