Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What can i do for my Country?

What can i do for my country? I keep asking myself this question. As i'm sitting here in beautiful CLEAN Arizona, USA complaining about how filthy Egypt is, and how there is no System and how corrupt the goverment and the people are, i ask myself this question. I love Egypt, i have not been back in many years, i was born there and grew up there till i was 14, it is my country! But do i realy want to go back to country where no one is accountable for anything that happens, where human life isn't worth a dime, where people have no hope and just gave up, where a man is one minute holding up his flag acting like a patriot but the next minute littering in the street of his own Country? Yes i do want to go back! i want to go back and make a change!

I think people like Big pharoah, Sand monkey and myself and other bloggers who have great ideas and suggestions about Egypt need to take action, all we do is complain, but when will we take action.

I am going to enroll in a political science program, and i'm going HOME one day and i will make a change, and if i can't, at least i will try!


MechanicalCrowds said...

Sign me up!

Anonymous said...


laura said...

Good luck. I spent a few months in Egypt last year. I loved it and want to go back. I made many great friends there. One thing that I really noticed, though, as you mentioned, they all littered. Righ beside a garbage can, the trash would end up on the sidewalk. It is so sad. I, of course, had them fix that behavior immediately.
Another thing... introduce the toothbrush. Most Egyptians I met had probably never used one in their lives. shudder.

Egypeter said...

We need as many "modern pharaohs" as we can get in Egypt.

Egypt desperately needs people like you, SM and BP.

Good luck to you friend!

An Egyptian in Chicago,


Z-Mystique Girl said...

Oh yes, how I wish I can do sth for this country that is heading to a great fall...! Am so scared, seeing all the people rapidly changing to the totally unable to move a leg..and when I do, no one listens...!

Anyway, sign me up, just like mechanical crowd and anony..and perhaps we can do sth!!!

Good Luck for you as well.

retinoxcorrexion said...

introduce tooth brush!something i find so strange to talk about,what kind of people have you met there?
anyways.the picture isnt so dull,jess,we can start,its only about system,and ideology,casting a look around,you would know that Egypt is the only arab country that is ready for a total change,or that is more prone to change,there are professionals,universities,scientists,look at what the governer of alex did ,and what the governer of qena did in just few years,we only need those who set the right system,and change the ideology.i don like those who talk abt Egypt as if they were ufo's coming from the mars,one is talking about tooth brushs,and the other is talking abt the dirty streets,you can go to harlem,and feel pity for urself instead of feeling pity for us!

retinoxcorrexion said...

for those who see that "this country is heading to fall",then don give a damn!oh,lordy lordy,the country is gonna fall down,how pitiful are they!,this country has never fallen,and will never fall!

Modern Pharaoh said...

i loved Egypt too, look at my new post

Anonymous said...

When will you start your activities? This century...?

Good luck to all of you! You'll need a LOT of God's help as I already see you ending up with a bullet in your breasts.
Stay at your safe places, as you did the last years and decades.
Keep on dreaming.
I don't see any hope for Egypt.
Regina from Germany

Ram Maruri from HCL America said...

I am from India, I have the same feeling like you about my Country and the system there. Now I am living in USA working for HCL America.I have plans to go back to my mother land and serve the people mainly the innocent, ignorant and the poor who dont have any support and carry criticism with less hope without a reasonable happiness. To make some change from here itself I started an NGO called Pragathi( organizing some activities at Your feelings towards your mother land inspired me a lot. I appreciate your love towards your country. Wish you all the best.
Ramalinga Reddy Maruri

smriti said...

Its really good to hear that peple care for the country they belong to.I am highly obliged to post my comments on such an important topic.I am really thankful to you for giving me this oppurtunity.
I firmly believe that those who "truly" wish to do something for their nation, should get up n start working fot it.
All the best..!!

Sandeep M. Patil said...

Am really touched by your words, and your sentiments for your country, and a will to make change. I am from India. Both, Egypt and India have a lot in common. Vast and glorious history, unique culture & tradition, diverse geography. Unfortunately both, countries have fallen pray to corruption, dirty politics, terrorism, poverty ... in modern times.

I wish all the best to you, Ram and all those who wish to make a change in their mother land.

Serendipity said...

wow, your words got me too emotional yet came in the right time to restore my faith.
My faith is:one day, at on point in history we-agents of change- positive , proactive, believers and lovers of egypt, will gather and do it...YES WE CAN and YES WE WILL.

Anonymous said...

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