Saturday, August 05, 2006

Probably one of the best Posts out there! 7Rules of the APU, on Sandmonkeys BLOG!

I was reading through Rantings of a Sandmonkeys Blog and came across this post! some of it is so true and makes alot of sense, and some of it i don't 100% agree with, anywyas, direct link to Sandmonkeys blog!

The 7 rules of the Arab Parellel Universe

1) Arabs never make mistakes, and they rarely lose wars.
2) The Zionists and the Americans are always to blame for everything that is wrong in the APU.
3) If there is any credit at all that can be contributed to Arabs in any way, they will take it.
4) Good leadership is inversely related to how US-friendly a leader is!
5) Any media that is not the official state-owned media is filled with Zionist, Jewish, American, Christian, imperialist, anti-arab influences and they LIE ALL THE TIME!
6) There is really no need for elections in the APU, because Presidents and rulers are presidents and rulers for life.
7) The only viable alternative candidate to the current leader or president is this current leader or president’s son

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