Saturday, August 05, 2006

My view on the Israel/ Hezbollah war!

This atrocious war has been going on for almost a month now. Civilians are dying on both sides, and there is no clear winner or obtainable objective in site for either party. Israel thinks it can eradicate Hezbollah militarily, I believe that is impossible. Hezbollah are intertwined with the population, you can't get rid of them in any other way but diplomacy, they are unfortunately part of Lebanon. All Israel's rampage is doing is recruiting and making more people sympathize with Hezbollah. Israel is literally committing mass murder in Lebanon, and the world just watches. While killing civilians and destroying Lebanons infrastructure and weakining Lebanons goverment in the process, Israel is delivering Lebanon into the clutches of Hizbollah.

Hezbollah is not the one suffering much from Israel's onslaught, it is Lebanon as a whole and its population. This country was a very democratic moderate country in the middle east, I believe by next year there was going to be a lot of pressure exerted on Hezbollah to lay down their arms and become a strictly political party. I just watched Nasrallah on TV telling Israel if you bomb central Beirut I will bomb Tel-Aviv, that is just plain stupid, why keep antagonizing a merciless nation like Israel.

Israel should face war trials for what they have done in Lebanon after this is over, and they should be required to pay the bill to rebuild Lebanon's infrastructure, and there should be UN sanctions against them as well. What Israel is doing absolutely disgusts me, they are obliterating Lebanon, and every time they kill a big group of civilians they say "sorry, it was a mistake" or they say its Arab Propaganda! Israel has destroyed all the bridges and major roads, and there is no gasoline for cars available anyways, then they drop leaflets and tell the Lebanese to leave the area they will bomb. Where are those people supposed to go? and how can they get there?

Where is the UN in all this? It seems that Israel and the USA don't have to listen to the U.N. Kofi Anan seems to have no control, even though he is trying. Even the 48 hour stopage of Aerial bombardment by Israel was never implimented, Israel broke that decision the next morning.

Hezbollah must be disarmed and dealt with by the LEBANESE government and army, they cannot be allowed to remain in Lebanon. They are only a thorn in the side of a moderate Lebanon. Either they disarm and become primarily a political peaceful movement or they must be dealt with some other way.

We must also realize something, many people in south Lebanon depend on Hizbolla, this is due to the failure of the Lebanese goverment itself to provide to its poor south Lebanon population, and Hizbolla has stepped in and filled that void, by providing health care, education, hospitals and so on....So the Lebanese goverment by not dealing with the problems in the South have themselves contributed to Hizbollahs popularity.

There are no winners in this war only losers. Remember all the dead can never be brought back. The 750,000 displaced people in Lebanon are very angry, and I'm sure some of them are very vengeful, which you cannot blame them! Israel has only succeeded in creating more enemies throughout the world.

I am 100% against what Israel is doing and the way they have handled the situation in Lebanon, but i am also 100% against any entity such as Hizbolla, in this day and age there is no room for such militant groups.


Your Neighbor said...

Good post. Alot of feeling. the children are suffering, and there must be another way. All are responsible. It's got to stop!

Michal another neighbor said...

I agree with what you are saying - except that Israel is merciless,
although often it seems that way from our actions. no one is gaining anything from this - its so distructive and pointless. someone sent me the link to this sorry for invading your space. hi i'm Michal.

Don Cox said...

"I believe by next year there was going to be a lot of pressure exerted on Hezbollah to lay down their arms and become a strictly political party."___If that "pressure" came from Lebanese politicians, Hezb'allah would ignore it. Only the kind of pressure that Israel is exerting has any chance of being effective, and even then, with Iran pushing to increase Hezb'allah's arms, it is doubtful how long the effect will last.____If HB are seriously defeated this time, their next move will be to Hezb'allah-ize the Lebanese army.___The problem is that Iran has unlimited funds for this project.

Twosret said...

Good post

Papa Ray said...
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Anonymous said...

maybe Israel wants to stoke up the fires of hate..maybe they want more radicals and hezbollah recruits.. maybe they have a plan, they arent stupid so you have to assume they know what they are doing by adding fuel to the fire the predictable and defensless middle east acts in just the way israel wishes thus giving them further cause and justification to destroy their sworn enemy.
lets face it who do you think stands to gain.. bet you the israelis kill more, bet you they grab land. there comes a point that you can all recognise that israel is engaging the wanton massacre of Arabs while main stream press and media deny the reality, the sole purpose is the destruction of souls almost as if they rejoice in the shedding of blood as a sacrifice to some sick god, truly.. they must feast off the anguish and pain of every bereaved mother and father or they simply wouldnt continue ..would they.