Friday, February 04, 2011

Why should Mubarak Not Be allowed to Finish his Term!

"Many of us including myself after Mubaraks speech agreed lets get back to Normal life & just let him finish his term...for selfish reasons"

Govt Tactis:

#1-Deploy Police & Security forces to stop the protest *didn't work*

#2-Withdraw Police Create Chaos *didn't work*

#3-Mubarak emotional TV Speech + Fake Egyptian News *Worked on some*

#4-Release thugs to clash with the peacful Protestors *didn't work*

#5-Release fake news reports that USA & Israel created this *worked on some*


Blaming the Protestors & telling them to go home after you saw what happened to them yesterday after the protests is plain Selfish..i know everyone wants their 24hr delivery & starbucks & life back to Normal...But have some dignity! To see what the govt did or even if they didn't do it themslves they still stood by & didn't protect these guys makes them Null & Void & we should ask for Mubarak to step down This Minute! These guys in Tahrir we will all Thank them one day because they stood up for Egypts Dignity..

All you have to do is look around you at the corruption, poverty & misery & how many Egyptians lost the ability to DREAM to know why this Revolution must continue! What you see happening now is the result of this regimes rule..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

العلمانية هي الحل الوحيد

مفيش حل في مصايب مصر إلا نظام مستبد يدي الناس بالجزمه زي نظام أتاتورك اللي أنقذ ...تركيه و خلاها البلد الوحيدة اللي الأغلبية فيها مسلمين بس مش متطرفين و بيهتمو بالفن و الحضاره و التعايش و كل واحد فعلا دينه بينه و بين ربنا مش كله مظاهر. يعني زي ما مصر كانت زمان. مصر رايحة في ستين داهيه من التيار الوهابي السلفي المتخلف و شيوخ الفضائيات الشياطين دول..في خلال ١٠ سنين مصر حتكون مصركيستان..ونتم ياللي ساكتين و فكرين كله تمام و عادي جدا أول ناس حيغنو ظلموه...العلمانية هي الحل الوحيد...أتاتورك محاريبش الدين بس حارب البدع و الاستعباط و استغلال الدين و توغل رجال الدين في السياسة..أحنا محتاجين أتاتورك مصري !!!!! نقاب و ذقون و تحريض و كراهية و عدم تعايش و و و و هو ده مستقبل مصر لو محصلش تغيير

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Enough of the Wahabi Salafi Evil in Egypt & Islam!

حرام اللي بيحصل ده ..طول عمرنا مسلمين و مسيحيين في مصر مع بعض..الفكر الوهابي السلفي الشيطاني اكتسح عقول البسطاء ...أنا مسلم و أخجل من اللي بيحصل بإسم الدين ده ...الفكر الوهابي السلفي عدو الإنسانية و الأديان و الفن و الحضاره و التعايش. فتاوي القهاوي و تطرف الناس لازم يتوقف الآن. مسلم مسيحي أنا مصري ..فلاح صعيدي أنا مصري ..مصر ليست مصراكيستان

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crossing Mandelbaum Gate *Great Book*

Im currentley reading this book & highley recommend it. So far its not biased and is full of facts that shed a true light from a westerners point of view on the conflict between Israel - Palestine & many goings in the Arab World.

Short Description:

PULITZER PRIZE WINNER KAI BIRD’S fascinating memoir of his early years spent in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon provides an original and illuminating perspective into the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My View on the Fanatical SALAFI-WAHABIS