Thursday, December 17, 2009

My View on the Fanatical SALAFI-WAHABIS


Ali owner of Great Sales Today said...

ban wahabi.. in Malaysia, they are growing widely and everywhere.

-Ali Abul hassan Hussien-

Lost Haven said...

Once more, very interesting... I think you should English subtitles to that clip to be able to address a bigger audience...


Anonymous said...

As-salaamu alaikkum

When critizing one should not call "wahabi" as it is Allahs name

Actual person who bought the movement is Ibn abdulwahab .

though it is OK to call it salafi as they are following the path of salafi saluheen (R).

I think we Muslims should not divide and we should call our selfs Muslims.

And shud follow Quran & sunnah


Sara said...

Wahabies remind me with should be excised not treated