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I wanted to sum up everything in my mind about Egypt! So here it is, sorry its very long, but i actually tried summarize it as much as i could! I go into talking about being Secular and its benefits for Egypt, i talk about Religious extremists in Egypt, i talk about Palestine, Israel, Arabs, and the Egyptian goverment! There is a very strong secular movement these days in Egypt, and hopefully in the near future a REAL secular Political party, Enjoy!

Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Tarek, I’m Egyptian, born and raised in Egypt! I’m a Muslim, (The reason I’m talking about my religion is because of all the attacks and accusations extremists will post about this blog) so anyways I’m a Muslim who performs his duties such as praying, fasting and so on, I’m also a Muslim who follows True Islam, True Islam which says we have to respect and treat people of the book, which are Jews and Christians with respect, Enough about Religion now, Enough because religion is in ones heart and his deeds and a relationship between You and God!

I want to define what a Secular Egyptian is to ME! Let me make this clear, Being secular does not mean you disrespect God or you don’t believe in Religion or the message of God, Being secular does not mean you’re despise Religion and anything that is connected with it, being secular simply means you understand that religion is between you and God and that as long as the government and your countries politics don’t offend God and your religion then there is no reason to involve religion in politics!! Being a Secular means I respect all Egyptians, I believe in the way Egypt has always been a country where all Egyptians are equal regardless of religion or anything, being a secular simply means I want peace and economic stability and people to live happily. I believe in education, in the arts, in expanding the mind, in having hope, in contributing to your society and the welfare of your country.

Of course the first thing that comes to some peoples mind when I say secular is Mustafa kemal Ataturk! Please understand Mustafa kemals ideology is called KEMALIZM, its secular yes but it is based on HIS OWN philosophy, not on mine, not on yours, but on his own. I myself think Mustafa kemal did many great things for turkey, THERE ARE OFCOURSE SOME THINGS I DO NOT AGREE WITH, HE WAS A BIT EXTREME and WAS TOO SCARED OF HIS OWN RELIGION, i understand THIS! that is why i'm SECULAR and NOT that this is out of the way..back to Kemal, he raised turkey from the Ashes, at the time the so called khalifa was nothing but a king, the khalifite was altered many hundreds of years before that, Khalifas were nothing but kings and sultans, they don’t compare to our early Islamic khalifas , the kholafa2 el rashidin, so don’t tell me he is the one who UN-GLUED the Muslim world! But again remember Kemalism is different than Secularism!

Now back to EGYPT! Egypt’s real revolution was the 1919 revolution, led by Saad Zaghloul, a very secular man, a secular man who was a graduate of Al Azhar university, which means this man knew more about Islam than many people did or do!! This man WAS EGYPTIAN, he didn’t care what anyone’s religion was, as long as they were Egyptians who cared for Egypt! The strongest part of this revolution was the unity of Egyptian Muslims and Copts and some Egyptian Jews as well, The motto of saad zaghloul was Religion for God and the Homeland for all",
75% of Egyptians are good people who don’t care about each others religion and keep their religious views between them and God, but I want to talk about the other 25% ,

We have groups like the Muslim brotherhood who are as far as I’m concerned Radical extremist Muslims, they have a hidden Salafi Wahabi agenda for Egypt, (they do try to say they are not wahabi salafis but if you want some proof of some of their hidden agenda just look at my blog!! )they are racist and want to implement their own strict view of Islam on all Egyptians, they have literally brain washed the minds of our young people, The problem is the government has failed the population and has ignored the poor people of Egypt, so now those people are engulfing themselves in religion, but not Islam as we know it and have known it in Egypt, they are engulfing themselves in a wahabi salafi imported form of Islam that was very very rare in Egypt before!

We are starting to see some hostility between some Muslims and Christians in Egypt, were starting to see people who are full of hate and racism and crazy views!! Even though these incidents are isolated and rare it is a shame to hear of a Coptic church getting burned by some fanatical Wahabis, or a Coptic nun getting stabbed, this is NOT EGYPT! Those wahabi salafis are illogical small minded people, they go as far as saying Music is bad, they act as if a woman has to be covered from head to toe, as if men are dogs who are only driven by sex and women are a piece of meat, so they should cover themselves, maybe put themselves in a box with a snorkel to breathe

For example until the late 1980s and mid 1990’s the veil was very rare to see in Egypt, now a days even young girls are becoming veiled, I myself don’t think the veil is a necessity in Islam and I don’t think the veil defines a Muslim woman, you cant tell me that an Egyptian Muslim woman who prays and performs her Muslim duties and treats people well and dresses modestly is not a good Muslim in the eyes of God because she is not veiled, yes I believe the veil is preferred in Islam but I don’t’ think it’s a fard (and if it was, then why are there so many different views from different sheikhs and imams about it) but anyways my problem is not with the veil, my problem is with the Nikab aka Burka..this is an Arab Bedouin black sheet that is definitely not part of Islam, that now we are seeing muslim women wearing, this is something you would NEVER SEE IN EGYPT BEFORE, the women who wear this thing, look like ghosts who are not in touch with life or society, they don’t participate in society , they literally Isolate themselves from everything, I know for a fact this is NOT ISLAM, this is the crazy distorted wahabi form of Islam.

I think the Nikab should be outlawed,, you might say its freedom of expression, but freedom of expression stops once it starts to become dangerous Anyone can wear the nikab, maybe that person wearing next to you is really a man, a killer, a rapist a terrorist who is trying to hid himself, you never know, so this Nikab should be outlawed, and not only that, this nikab effects the younger generation of Egyptian girls as well, if they grow up seeing it then they will also end up wearing and isolating themselves from society, and sooner or later we will have no participation of women in society! So this is my answer to your FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION theory!

This wahabi salafi form of Islam which is the muslim brotherhoods agenda is the biggest threat we have in Egypt, I as an Egyptian feel very uncomfortable around those people. They are violent and would bear arms against Muslims and Christians alike if they were not so closely watched by the government! They want (by the way Egyptians call Egypt MASR, It is also the Arabic word for EGYPT) They want Masr to be an Islamic republic, maybe the Islamic republic of Masrakistan, who knows what they would like to call it!

The wahabi salafi Egyptians main focus is not even Egypt, all they do is talk about how bad Israel and the USA are, They want to blame anything and everything on the USA and Israel, as if Egypt and Egyptians are free of all faults and its only Israel and USA who hurt us, I’ve heard crazy things from those people, I’m waiting to hear next that Israelis are the ones who come to Egypt at night and throw garbage in the streets and make Egypt dirty and its really not Egyptians who do this, and that the USA sells Cancer to the Egyptian government so they could give it to the Egyptian people.

Pretty much now a days if you want to be popular in Egypt just go on TV and say DOWN WITH ISRAEL, DOWN WITH USA and that’s it, they love you! If you go into one of those simple minded peoples houses, steal their money and kill their family we ba3deen tideelo 3la afa, but before you leave you say “HEY I FIGHT AGAINST ISRAEL, they will give you a hug and a kiss” They literally love and adore anyone who simply stands against Israel or USA regardless of what that persons agenda is or how much they may harm them or the world! Its so stupid and shows how illogical and simple minded some Egyptians have become, they don’t put EGYPT first and have no intention of putting Egypt first, I think they care more about what the USA and ISRAEL do than they care about the problems Egypt is having.

This wahabi salafi way is really spreading, you turn on the TV and see a sheikh he will be talking about HELLFIRE and everything that is Haram! Go to a some mosques and you will leave sweating from how much the sheikh talked about hellfire, and how bad Israel and the USA are, and all the negative things you can think about, they get people so angry, instead of talking about the true message of Islam, instead of talking about love and peace and education and expanding your mind, and helping the poor and going to paradise, they only want to talk about the ugly things and try to SCARE you, instead of trying to GUIDE you!

I remember being in a mosque one day in downtown Cairo last year and it was during the siege of the Red Mosque in Pakistan by radical muslims, the sheikh was talking politics as if he knew anything about politics, he was saying MAY GOD HELP OUR BROTHERS IN THE RED MOSQUE DEFEAT THE ENEMY…now lets see, who is the enemy?? The Pakistani army…which is ALL MUSLIMS! I was so disgusted, the sheikh was supporting the radicals in the mosque who were rebelling against the government and he was talking as if the people they were fighting for example were Israeli soldiers and not Pakistani muslim soldiers!

THIS is how illogical those people are!They never say a word about all the killing and torture Iraqi muslims are inflicting upon each other, they never talk about the Hamas and Fatah Palestinians killing each other, they never talk about the Suicide bombings in Pakistan or in Algeria which guess what…Muslims are committing against each other!! Its as if to those people with this simple mind, Muslim blood is only worth anything if a muslim is killed by an Israeli or an American, otherwise its worth nothing!! And how about the stupid sheikhs who said suicide bombing is ok? How is that ok, if in Islam killing yourself is 100% against our religion, and if our prophet SAWS said during war even you should not harm women, children, the elderly, people not bearing arms or EVEN A TREE!! Please tell me how those sheikhs then could allow this..

and by them agreeing with it what has it done, you know what its done, it’s the reason now Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan, Algeria, Afghanistan are getting blown up by other Muslims. It has become the norm!! Well the next time you watch the new and you see that 100 Muslims were killed in a suicide bombing thank the stupid sheikhs who say its ok!! Those sheikhs are committing a great sin AGAINST ISLAM and MUSLIMS, they even distorted the word SHAHID or MARTYR, now It seems anyone who goes and blows themselves up they consider him a martyr…what a shame!

What the hell are some sheikhs thinking? What do they know about politics or worldly affairs, they should stick to religion and that’s IT! The government really needs to regulate sheikhs and the speeches they give because they could really influence people and give them wrong information and cause many problems!
Those wahabi salafi muslims these days in Egypt will take any fatwa from any sheikh and believe in it automatically, if the sheikh says blowing yourself up is good, they believe it, if a crazy mentally unstable sheikh tells them that if your wife breast feeds your friend then now your friend is considered your wife’s family member and he can see her uncovered they believe in it. How disgusting and filthy and dirty is this?? What have Arab Muslims done to Islam?? Thank God I know the true message of Islam because if I did not and I saw what those terrorist salafi wahabis are doing I would think Islam was some violent crazy religion (astaghfur Allah)

Muslims should be more offended by the actions of these wahabi salafis then they are about the prophets cartoons, Muslims should be more offended when they see a video of so called other muslims un mercifully beheading a human being as if he is an animal, these are the images that should offend Islam more than anything, The image of an Egyptian sheikh in Australia saying a woman is a piece of meat on national television, the image of Muslims in the UK or Denmark causing riots and not behaving themselves in the country that hosts them…The images of Muslims celebrating something so horrible like 9-11, of course bush and the USA’s government have done many horrible things, but what does a man in his office in a tower have to do with this, a man who has a family and young kids..the poor people in the planes., the image of some Suicide bomber in Palestine going and bombing an Israeli wedding..ALL INNOCENT PEOPLE, and how does something like this help the Palestinian cause???.

These are the things us Muslims should be upset about the most! But of course the illogical wahabi salaf way that we are seeing some Egyptians believing in these days cannot understand what I’m trying to say..they will probably say I’m a Zionist or a traitor or a KAFIR ..I’m none of these things, I’m a HUMAN BEING who does not believe in the violent and racist and death culture some of you want to believe in!

You can just look at Egypt in the old days, before the spread of this Muslim brotherhood Wahabi salafi ideology, before the spread of the nikab and the galabiya and the beards..even before the spread of the veil, People had something called MANNERS, no one bothered anyone, a woman could even wear whatever the hell she pleased and no one bothered her, now even the veiled girls are getting flirts from guys in the streets and being harassed by ill mannered guys, people did not throw garbage in the streets, divorce and pre marital sex were very please tell me when was Egypt better? Before the spread of this nonsense
wahabi crap or before??? And did this ideology actually help EGYPT become better morally and religiously…., obviously NOT!

Those wahabi Salafis including the muslim brotherhood would ruin our economy more than it is ruined, they would drive the peace process in Palestine into the ground, then eventually after they were in power for a bit we would see their even WORSE FAC, they would make all our women wear the black ghost ninja outfit, they would probably outlaw Music , dancing, banking, they would drive all Christians and moderate Muslims out of Egypt…maybe even they would blow up our pyramids and Pharonic statues by labeling them idols therefore against Islam!! They would be living their dream MASRAKISTAN! We have to understand how dangerous those people are, and how they have polluted the minds of our youth!! We must act and do something about this or it will be too late one day…one day soon!!!

Now I want to move onto the Palestinian issue…Do you know those Egyptian MB people support HAMAS, Hamas is a branch of the MB in Palestine, the same hamas that does not care about the people of Gaza, because if they really did care then why would they keep antagonizing the Israelis when they know the Israeli government is merciless and has no heart and will just come and destroy the entire area hamas is in including the innocent people! Pretty much those hamas TERRORISTS are just as responsible as the ISRAELI TERRORIST GOVERNMENT is for the people of gazas suffering. This is the same Hamas that kills other Palestinians of FATAH, they are simply murderers as far as I’m concerned.

In February of 2007 Hamas attacked and destroyed Egypt s borders, they hid behind their women and children because they knew our army would not shoot them, then they shot at our army and poured into Egypt as if they owned the place, (Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with what the people of Gaza was going through at the time, they were blockaded by the Israelis, and had no food or medicine, or anything, But this does not mean they just waltz into our sovereign country and attack our troops, then it didn’t stop at that, some of them came into Egypt and cause chaos in the border town, they used fake dollars, they stole from us, they insulted Egypt’s citizens and threatened our troops! Please tell me what kind of EGYPTIAN would stand for this? How could you be an Egyptian and watch this happen and actually support those hamas people!

What happened to being Egyptian and caring about your country, if Hamas keeps shooting rockets at Israel when they know what Israel will come and do to their population what makes us think those hamas people wont come to Egypt, shoot rockets at Israel from Egypt and then Israel bombs Egypt claiming they are defending themselves then a WAR erupts and Egyptian blood is spilt for nothing!! This is exactly what the Palestinians did to Lebanon in the 70’s they RUINED IT, and started a horrible civil war there, then they went to Jordan and tried to do the same but King Hussein fought them and was able to kick them out of the country…we have enough problems in Egypt we don’t need this!! Why can’t some people think of this logically, does saying this mean I don’t care about the Palestinians or don’t want to see them get their independence, ofcourse not, saying this means I CARE ABOUT MY COUNTRY, and I PUT EGYPT FIRST!!

I would love to help the Palestinians, but not by supporting their murderous suicide missions where they only kill innocent Israelis and don’t achieve nothing for the Palestinian cause..the way I would want to help them would be by sending them food, by helping them negotiate peace, by helping their image in the media, by educating their children, by sending them medicine and helping them build hospitals..For the people who will call me a Zionist and blah blah blah for this, they are simply foolish, just because I say this doesn’t mean I agree with anything the Israeli government does , I do think the Israeli GOVERNMENT, and remember I’m saying ISRAELI government, I’m not saying all ISRAELI people or JEWS in general because there ISA DIFFERENCE, I’m sure there are many good Israeli people who also want to see Palestinians free and happy and simply want to live in peace, just like there are good Palestinians who feel the same way and want peace, peace achieved without violence on either side!!

But unfortunately you have the Israeli government and groups such as HAMAS who I really don’t’ think want peace!! The Israeli government keeps building settlements and degrading the Palestinians and treating them like animals, and murdering innocent people, please explain to me how they want peace, and on the other side we have Hamas who actually give the Israeli government the excuse to do the things they do and act as if they are simply defending themselves from the Palestinians in front of the world..Its almost as if groups like Hamas are actually assisting the Israeli government in carrying out their agenda! Both are murderers and both are not innocent and both have blood on their hands…and both are responsible for the suffering of the ordinary Palestinian people who simply want to LIVE!

Now let me talk about the ARABS,lets not forget what the Arabs and some Palestinians have done to Egypt, Those are the same people who celebrated when Sadat was assassinated, you know if this man was still alive the Palestinians would surely have an independent state by now, but no, Because he wanted to negotiate using Peace they labeled him a traitor, and the Islamic militants killed him..and they thought they could take Egypt over and make it some Islamic republic, the Islamic republic of MASRAKISTAN, lol, but of course this did not and will not happen in Egypt, because Egypt is secular by nature!

Why is it that many Egyptians now are forgetting our great history and are simply identifying themselves as Arabs? Identifying ourselves as Arabs means we refute all our Egyptian history, yes we speak a dialect of Arabic called EGYPTIAN and we have many Arabic customs but I must say WE ARE NOT ARABS, we are EGYPTIANS, why would we want to be ARABS I don’t understand, Egyptians that go and work in Arab countries are treated like garbage, and insulted and degraded, our minister went to Palestine in 2004 and what did they do to him, they threw shoes at him! This man was there to negotiate peace for them, but of course simply because he was protected by the Israelis they assume he is a traitor and insult him and by insulting him they insult ALL OF EGYPT! What about our Ambassador in Iraq who was slaughtered, now that is a MARTYR not the idiots who blow themselves up, This man was in Iraq promoting stability and they slaughter him, why did I not see a college demonstration against that?

I’m simply disgusted at the way the Arabs treat Egyptians and I’m more disgusted at the way some Egyptians will say , Arabs are our brothers, we must stand with them, as those same Arabs are spitting at us! I dare any of those Egyptians who hate the USA to go live in the USA for a year and to go live in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait for a year…and then compare, tell me where were you treated equally and nicely and where were you treated like garbage and as a second class citizen. In the USA an Egyptian will be treated like any other person but of course this is not the scenario in most Arab countries! Why do some Egyptians fail to understand this? We are EGYPTIANS we are not ARABS…If you really want to talk about our heritage then talk about the Copts, or even the Jews, not the Arabs! The Arabs back then were all worshipping idols, so I would rather say my great grand fathers were Christians or Jews who believed in Allah just like me and then they eventually converted to Islam! This is our true legacy, not the Arab legacy that Gamal Abd Elnasser imposed on us, and fooled us all with…and all the fake history books in our education systems that want to make us Hate the true founders of Modern Egypt (the Mohamed Ali Family) The beautiful cosmopolitan Egypt we all Wish we could have a taste of, The Egypt before the so called Revolution of “52” By the way that day should be called the BLACK DAY OF EGYPT not the revolution day!!

Back to the Arabs what about all the blood we spilt for the Palestinians then now SOME OF THEM not all.. throw shoes at us ! So spare me the Arabs are our Brothers and we are Arabs crap..because we are NOT, (not that there is anything wrong with Arabs) but we are simply not Arabs. We are EGYPTIANS, and we must learn to put Egypt first and stop blaming everything on Israel and USA and this and that and start taking responsibility and addressing our social problems. We must ALL be united as Egyptians not as a religious sect, Egypt has always been secular by nature,

Muslims and Christians have been living together in Egypt for years, even Jews were a major religion in Egypt until 1948, when all of a sudden the Egyptians shamelessly and stupidly started harassing them when Israel was founded…we owe a big apology to Egyptian Jews, Most of them did not agree with Zionism or with the founding of Israel but they were still jailed and forced to leave Egypt because of Nasser’s stupidity and propaganda..and now its even worst now I see some of the Egyptians who are uneducated in worldly affairs saying bad things about all Jews instead of understand that there is a difference between a Jew and a Zionist!

Let me now address the issue of the Egyptian Government. I do not understand what Mubarak is thinking, first of all how can he not have a Vice president, does he not understand the dangers of this? What if something happened to him tomorrow, by not having a vice president for a smooth transition of power this could create many many problem for Egypt. Its time for the current Egyptian government to understand that the people have lost all faith in them, the government did this to themselves, they have become very corrupt and chose to ignore their own low level government employees, and to ignore the poor people of Egypt! What they have done by ignoring the poor and basically losing the Egyptian citizens public support is they have created an environment where religious extremism can thrive and multiply…I’m afraid to say even our Army and police force who are supposed to protect us are so frustrated that some of them are growing virtual beards behind our backs…How long will this government deny that we have a huge religious extremist problem brewing in Egypt, they might not bear arms and they might not be terrorists but they are still very dangerous, the government has failed to address this issue and it is now almost too late! The government has even not addressed the population problem, why are there not campaigns to help educate people and teach them about birth control, there Is no reason an Egyptian poor family should have 10 kids running around when they can’t afford them and can’t feed them and are making them live in miserable conditions…This government if they really care about Egypt they must know that its time for them to step down, but not simply step down, they must actually help build another Egyptian political party, a SECULAR LIBERAL EGYPTIAN NATIONALIST PARTY, this is the only answer,

its over, the people have lost their faith in the current government, they do not believe anything this government says and they actually delve into this wahabi salafism because of their frustration, and others get into crime and others do drugs..and many of the good people leave the country and never come back!! the people have NO HOPE, so we must give them hope! And hope means CHANGE! The people must feel a big COMPLETE change to start having hope again, and that is why I’m saying the current government needs to step down as a whole but not until they actually help build a strong secular Egyptian party first…

sadly if we had democratic elections now, the Muslim brotherhood will win, so now there cannot be democracy in that sense. Ofcourse many will say I’m crazy and unfair for saying this, but it’s the logical and true answer, you cannot let the frustrated upset people choose, because they will not choose what is good for them, they will not choose a government based on logic, they will choose a government based on emotion, a false government, an extremist wahabi salafi government who is now disguising itself as the peaceful muslim brotherhood but in reality and to the person who has studied them and their ideology since their inception they are radicals who only want Egypt to be part of an Islamic state and are racists against Egyptian Christians and Jews ofcourse!

What we need is a Secular Liberal government that cares about the EGYPTIAN, the poor, the rich, the handicapped, the business man, the garbage man, the farmer, the villager, the government worker, the police force, the army conscript, a government that cares about EVERY SINGLE Egyptian, not based on his class or stature and certainly not based on his religion. Egypt can be one of the best countries in the world, we have many natural recourses, we have the Suez canal, we have the pyramids for Gods sake!! We should be a top player in the world by now! We must revive the Egyptian NATIONALIST, the love of the citizen for his country! This is why a SECULAR government and country is what we need, People can love their religion all they want, their religion is and will always be between them and God..but they must also love their Country and work to benefit their country and this is what secularism is based on! We are not Tribes or Muslim and Copts, we are EGYPTIANS!

Another major problem we have is “Brain Drain” this means people who are getting educated and are open minded and motivated are actually leaving the country and moving to other countries because they feel that Egypt has no opportunities for them, this is a catastrophe. A logical right government would do everything it can to motivate Egyptians like this and create opportunities for them to STAY IN EGYPT and benefit EGYPT, not go to some other country and benefit it! *Listen to Aida El Ayoubys song :Ala Baly and it will bring a tear to your eye if you feel as I feel!! You can listen here

I want to MAKE IT CLEAR, our Goverment is NOT AT FAULT ALONE, there are many good people in the Goverment but there are MANY MORE WHO ARE CORRUPT and we must also understand that many Egyptians don't want to work..this is the plague of a STUPID AND FREE EDUCATION SYSTEM where anyone GETS A DEGREE FOR FREE as long as they can stupid..FREE EDUCATION is one of the most defunct and stupidst things Egypt employs..a Lazy idiot who is good at studying but good at nothing else can become a college grad with a big degree..

Why should people in Egypt have to deal with apartment buildings falling on their heads because a government contractor chose to take a bribe and let a building pass inspection? But again how could you blame the government contractor if he is paid NOTHING for accepting a bribe, how could you expect a policeman to really enforce the law and not take bribes when you pay him NOTHING, how could you expect an army conscript to fight with his life for your country when you make him live in miserable conditions and give him no respect because he is not and officer and just a conscript, how could you Expect the Egyptian to Love Egypt if he feels Egypt does not love him back!! :(


الوسواس المصرى said...

سلام عليكم سيد طارق انا يحيى من مصر قريت البوست اللى حضرتك كتبته وليه التعلق ده عليه اولا انا هعلق بالعربى لانى مش جيد فى الكتابه بالانجليزيه
ثانيا انا تعليقى مش هيكون لا حكم عليك انك صح او غلط او غيرك صح او غيرك غلط انا تعليقى مجرد سرد للواقع اللى احنا عايشين فيه مش اكتر كلنا فينا الصح وكلنا فينا الغلط فمش حلو اننا نطلق احكام على بعض انا مؤمن بكده صراحه عموما علشان ما اطولش على حضرتك هطرق اول شىء لمصر مصر فيها تلات تيارات بالضبط
اول تيار التيار السلفى او الوهابى ده زى مابيقولوا انهم عاوزين يرجعوا لاخلاق وفكر السلف الصالح والتابعين والبعد عن البدع والامور الدخيله على الدين فى راى التيار ده تيار متشدد ضيق الافق ملتزم بافكار معينه او بفكر معين لا يحيد عنه ليه شعبيه بين الناس خاصه البسيط منها لانه قوى الموقف فى طرح افكاره حتى وان كانت افكار متشدده بس الناس البسيطه اللى بتسمعله مش فارقه معاها متشدده ولالا لان حياتهم اصلا مافهاش الكثير يعنى هيتخلوا عنه او هيتحرموا منه من الاخر مطحونين ومالهومش اى منفذ غير الدين وشايفين فى التيار ده ضالتهم وده شىء ماتستهونش بيه لان معظم شعب مصر من الطبقه دى ده اولا ثانيا التيار ده عنده افكار غريبه بعض الشىء او عند بعض منهم زى ان الارض مش بتدور حوالين الشمس والعكس صحيح وان الارض ثابته لدرجه انى شفت كتاب فى معرض الكتاب اللى فات بيتكلم عن الكلام ده وبيطرح الافكار دى وصاحبى كان مستغرب من ان كتاب زى ده نزل و عدا من الرقابه بدون اى اجراء يذكر التيار ده بردو بيهتم بالامور الخارجيه زى تربيه اللحيه والنقاب اللى هم شايفين انه فرض وده مش انى بعيب فيهم بس هم فعلا بيهتموا بالامور دى اهتمام كبير ده اول تيار
تانى تيار وهو التيار الدينى المعتدل وبيمثله الازهر وده دلوقتى فى حاله ضعف شديده نتيجه لتبعيه الازهر للدوله وعدم التحدث عن النظام الحاكم وظلمه فالناس ابتدت تحس بضعفه وانه بيخذلهم وده من احد اسباب انتشار الفكر السلفى لان الفكر المعتدل دلوقتى فى حاله غيبوبه زائد صراع شيوخ الازهر مابين بعضهم وسعى بعضهم للشهره زائد فتاوى غريبه زى فتوى رضاع زميلتك فى الشغل والكلام ده وده مسمع فى كل حته لدرجه ان مره واحد كان كاتب ان واحد اجنبى كان بيكلم شخص هنا فى مصر فساله انت فين قاله انا فى الشغل قاله انتم قاعدين ترضعوا من بعض دلوقتى ولالا !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! يعنى مسخره بجد ومهزله بكل المقايس
التيار التالت وهو تيار على ما اظن محدود القبول له وسط معين وهم طبقه المثقفين و هو التيار العلمانى واول مانقول علمانيه يجى فى دماغنا عالطول اتاتورك وتركيا وطبعا صوره اتاتورك عندنا غنيه عن التعريف لدرجه انا ناس هنا استغربوا لما لقوا اتراك محجبات قالوا لهم هم فيه مسلمين فى تركيا!!!!!!!!!!! بس زى ما بنذكر اتاتورك بالسوء لازم نذكر برضو ان اخر سلطان عثمانى هرب من تركيا على سفينه انجليزيه من اللى كانت محاصره استانبول اللى هى المفروض كانت ضد تركيا فى الحرب فيعنى كلنا فينا بلاوى مش معنا كده انى بحب اتاتورك او انى بدافع عنه انا زى ما قلت تعليقى مش لنصره اى فكر او شخص عموما زى ما قلت ده التيار التالت وانا مش متاكد من مدى فاعليته فى مصر صراحه او تاثيره زائد ان الناس هنا خايفه انه ممكن يكون فيه انفلات اخلاقى او موجه من الالحاد او الارتداد عن الاسلام مع ان دلوقتى فيه شباب كتير الحدوا او ارتدوا واهلهم ما يعرفوش وانا اعرف شخص كده او على الاقل فى شباب بيفكر هو العيب فيه ولا فى الدين وان الاسلام صح ولا غلط ولا ايه بالضبط وانا واحد من الاشخاص دول وده بسبب الكبت الاحباط الاوضاع المتدهوره هنا فى مصر الى اخره ده بخصوص التيار التالت هنا فى مصر
نيجى بقى لفلسطين
انا ليه زميله ليه والدتها فلسطينيه وهى بذات نفسها مره قالتلى ان الفلسطينين مالهومش امان طبعا انا لا مع ولاضد الكلام ده لانى ما اتعاملتش مع حد فلسطينى قبل كده بخصوص بخصوص الاوضاع فى غزه طبعا مافيش حد منا يرضى بكده حتى ولو كانوا الفلسطينين فيهم العبر بس بردو بشر وليهم حق الوجود بخصوص حماس وانها فرع من الاخوان فالاخوان المفروض انهم تبع التيار الدينى المتوسط بس انا صراحه ما اعرفش اذا كانوا عندهم اجنده خفيه او لا او انهم سلفين ام لا بس انا عموما مش برتاح معاهم واتعاملت مع شخص منهم قبل كده وكانت تجربه مش محببه كان ليه افكار خاصه بيه الى اخره نرجع لحماس انا صراحه مش متباع لحماس قوى او متابع لتاريخها علشان احكم عليها بس هو فى صراع مابين حماس وفتح والفلسطينين فى الوسط وده مش عاجبنى صراحه وحماس جت عندنا وهجمت على الجنود على الحدود وفجرت الحدود المصريه وده فى راى نتيجه طبيعيه للحصار فى غزه انه يحصل اقتحام للحدود بس اللى مش فهمه الهجوم على الجنود يعنى ما انتم خلاص دخلتم مصر حصل ايه يعنى ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ اما بخصوص اسرائيل ووجودها فالعرب رافضين وجود اسرائيل شكلا ومضمونا وايا كان ده حل واقعى ام لا فهى دى المشاعر الموجوده حاليا الحل ايه!!!!!!!!! ما اعرفش بالضبط بس اقرب الحلول انه يكون فى دولتين اسرائيل وفلسطين هل ده هيرضى جميع الاطراف الله اعلم ده بالنسبه لفلسطين
بخصوص العرب
اول سؤال هل احنا مصرين ولا عرب؟؟؟؟؟ انا مره سمعت ومش متاكد ان فى حديث عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم ان اى شخص بيتحدث العربيه فهو عربى بس انا مش متاكد من صحه الحديث ده انا عموما مايفرقش معايه الكلام ده انا عربى انا مصرى انا امريكى المهم انى انسان وخلاص وعايش فى بلد والمفروض ولائى ليها بس ده بيتضارب مع الاسلام على ان كل الدول الاسلاميه واحد وان المسلمين ولائهم لبعض ولاسلام مش للدول فانا مش عارف بالضبط ايه النظام دلوقتى بس عموما الواقع اللى احنا عايشين فيه بيفرض علينا ان يكون ولائنا لدولنا اللى عايشين فيها و العرب ادركوا كده كويس وهتلاقيهم عندهم نزعه لاوطانهم مش عاوز بس اقول اكتر من دينهم بس عندهم نزعه قويه للوطن على عكس المصريين فتقريبا فكره الانتماء للوطن شبه منعدمه وده ليه اسباب كتيره مش مكانها دلوقتى انى اقولها المهم المصرين لازم يفوقوا لنفسهم ولبلدهم ويتقدموا الاول وبعدين بعد كدع ننقاش بقيت الامور الباقيه
بخصوص الانتخابات وان الاخوان هيحكموا مصر واخوان بيروجوا لفكره نجاح حزب العداله و التنميه فى تركيا مع ان الظروف مختلفه و التركيبه السكانيه نفسها مختلفه و نظام الحكم نفسه مختلف و نظام الدوله وعلى ما اعتقد فكر الحزبين مختلف بس هما بيروجوا للفكره دى المهم فده تمن الحريه و اليموقراطيه احنا مانقدرش نمنع الناس من انتخابهم والا هنكون ديكتاتورين بس ممكن توعى الناس عنهم ده اذا كان فكرك مضاد لفكرهم وده اقصى ما يمكن فعله ومافيش حد بيتعلم ببلاش عموما
بخصوص هجره العقول للخارج وان المصرين المفروض يبقوا فى بلدهم والكلام ده انا بصراحه ما اقدرش ولا اجروء انى اطال شخص انه يقعد فى مصر اذا كان لا يوجد تقدير من الدوله ليه ده اذا كان شخص متميز او حتى لو كان شخص عادى دولتنا المفروض تحترمنا وتقدرنا سواء كنا اشخاص عادين او علماء ذره كل شخص وليه دوره فى المجتمع والامر جه مالهوش حل الا بنهضه شامله من جميع النواحى سياسيه اجتماعيه اقتصاديه ونبطل نلقى اللوم على الاخرين وندرك اننا المسئولين فى الاول وفى الاخر عن كل شىء بيجرا لينا اه فى عوامل اخرى طبعا بس فى الاول وفى الاخر انت المسئول عن حال وعن نفسك والحل بين ايدك مش فى ايد اى حد اخر عموما اجو انى ما اكونش طولت على حضرتك مع انى عارف انى كاتب تعليق كبير بس البوست عندك بردو كان طويل عموما اتمنى ليك كل خير وارجو انك تقبل صداقتى
طلب اخير ممكن اضيف حضرتك عندى على الماسنجر لان فى كلام ممكن احب اتكلمه معاك بس طبعا على المدونه هنا ممكن تلاقى ناس داخله تسب وتشتم فيك بدون اى سبب فارجو انك تقبل طلبى وشكرا
يحيى عبدالله

Modern Pharaoh said...

Shokran Gidan ya Yehia! very nice comment. you are correct in everything you said. I hope we can deal with the Salfi Idiots who bleieve in some kind of Distorted way of Islam by Education, Media and so on..Bas Lilasaf,if that does not work, i think the only way to deal with those Salafi Wahabi Fundementalist DOGS will end up being BY FORCE, and maybe even our ARMY INTERVENING! Those Dogs have to be jailed and dealt with Swiftly!

الوسواس المصرى said...

لا شكر ولا حاجه انا اللى شاكر انى سمعت ليه احنا هنا عموما مافيش حد بيسمع للى فى سنى بخصوص السلفين انا ماعنديش مشاكل مع السلفين هم ليهم فكرهم وليهم حقهم فى التعبير عنه زيه زى اليمين المتطرف فى امريكا واسرائيل مش معنى كده انى بشبهم بيهم بس اهو عموما فكر موجود وخلاص اما بخصوص العنف فانا مش واثق من الامر ده لانى مش بحب العنف فى اى شىء صراحه

Anonymous said...

Egypt's path is at a precarious place. While much of the developing world is embracing openness and open economies, the backwards theocrats will make Egypt a 4th world economy and culture if they take power. I hope young men and women like Tarek prevail, and we should all support their efforts.

Anonymous said...

you really cannot bring culture and religion together...its very wrong to do.
Islam looks at no ones color, race, saying you put Egypt first and then saying you are a good not right. Religion and Culture should be two very separate things

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Anonymus: you are not the one to judge who a good or a bad Muslim is! and YES you can put EGYPT First, if you use your LOGIC you would understand that religion is ALWAYS INFINTIE, AHEAD OF FIRST, this is something DIFFERENT! its a relationship between YOU and GOD! after that comes everything! and thats why i say put EGYPT FIRST!

But ofcourse you CANNOT THINK logically like that! what you are proposing is to go ahead and put all MUSLIMS FIRST??? why should we do that? we are not the Khalifas of the Muslims, and there was never and WILL NEVER be Khalifas like the Rashidin, all khalifas after them were just Kings and Sultans that soemtimes enslaved people for their own good!, so try to understand that and use your brain and logic which Allah gave you!

Anonymous said...

Loving people and living in peace which each others is good and it can not be achieved by calling people names. Whether we agree with the points of view of others or not, this does not give us the right to judge them or insult them. How do you think we are supposed to initiate a conversation with others and ask them to use thier minds and logic when we start calling them "dogs", disgusting" ...etc??!!
I do not think that the great Saad Zaghloul ever insulted other groups of people.
Yes, I am Egyptian and I love Egypt. I was born and raised in Egypt and I love it. I have lived outside Egypt now for a while and in more than one country. I have met and observed lots of people and I agree that you can not say that a person is good or bad by what they wear or by what religious belief they follow. I have met people who do not believe in any God and were much more nicer and honest than people who claim that they are muslims but have no manners, honesty or values. I have also met some women who wear th niquab and they are not isolated from society. They go to work, they make friends and they interact with people freely but respectfully. I can understand your security concerns but this as well does not give us the right to insult them.
It is sad to hear that some countries are banning vieled girlss/women from entering universities and working in public offices as by doing this, they are no different from radicals who force women to stay at home and not go out.
If we can all accept each others regardless of how we look like, what we are wearing or how we speak, if we just put race, ethnicity, gender, religion...etc aside and just treat each other with respect this will be great. But we all know that this is never going to happen. These are existing problems since forever and it has nothing to do with being a muslim or not. Some people in the west clearly discriminate aganist some Muslims, twisting their words and treating them as 10th class citizens and in reaction, Muslims get frustrated and instead of trying to improve themselves, they t urn to violence and radical thinking. This is not an excuse for them but you can not always seperate religion from culture and life. You will always be seen by others as a Muslim first before being Egyptian or Arab or anything else. I am proud of being Egyptian and always impressed by teh reaction I get from people when they know that. Egypt is great in the eyes of others. But I'm also very greatful and thankful to God that I am a Muslim (and I have heared this from a few Muslim women who lived abroad).

Anyway, I just want to say that I do not understand politocs and never wich to do, but what I understand is that I know people who wear Niquab, I know people who wear Hijaba nd I know peopel who wear pikinis on teh beach and I love them all. They are all good people and they are all functioning well in their society and I would not like any one to describe tham as being disgusting.

Anonymous said...

brother, you call the muslim brotherhood wahabbis just because they want to promote sharia law? as a matter of fact, whats wrong with Muhammad Abdel Wahhab? he was known for destroying things of worship other than Allah. our worship should be towards Allah alone.
Sharia law is Allah's laws. It's much superior to man made laws. Personally i dont want any islamic republic, just pure TRUE SHARIA LAW. I believe Islamic sharia is the answer to Egypt's problems.
Islamic law is against racism, respects people's cultures and history, and its the answer to economic stabibility. if you dotn believe in the Sharia, idk how you can call yourself a true muslim. Their is NO SUCH THING AS MODERATE ISLAM. Islam is islam the deen of Allah. Those who change or tweak the Quran and sunnah will pay.

Man made laws will Always be inferior and have proved itself to be. Man made laws have many flaws and will never be perfect.

and the 1919 revolution against the british was BS. all it really was was a deal with the brits to let them come into egypt and promote their poison. commercial business in exchange for them to leave egypt to rule itself

so yes, you can say i dont agree with you about making Egypt a secular state. You should read Sayyid Qutb's book if you havent already done so. your right, the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat only because it goes against the NWO.. new world order simply for wanting to promote sharia law.

In Conclusion, down with democracy, down with secularism, down with "islamic republic", and inshAllah Allah's laws will prevail!

Modern Pharaoh said...

Your Hero Abdel wahab is a Coward! and he is a man who distorted Islam, and i would never read a book of a mentally unstable person like Said Qutb! you say the 1919 revolution was BS?? You just proved your simplicity, if you want Sharia go ahead and impose it on yourself buddy! Its people like you that are the poison of our country, and will never make us move forward, If you think anyone in this world today can impose REAL SHARIA you are crazy, we would end up having idiots imposing Sharia AS THEY VIEW IT, we would have women stoned in the streets and peoples hands getting cut off, kind of how your brutal ARAB buddies do in some arab countries and in Iran..So once again Mr Wahabi Salafi, take your backwards, intollerant and animalistic behaviour and go join the Taliban and maybe you can impose your own view of Sharia on some stupid people who would agree to it. I'm EGYPTIAN and Proud, and i love ALL EGYPTIANS no matter their religion! I preache peace and unity and your talking about a Salafi wahabi idiots like this Abdel Wahab guy who thought he was some kind of prophet (istaghfur Allah)

Better yet go move to the desert and build a tent, breast feed from your friends wife, and drink Camel urine...isn't this what the stupid backwards bedouin Wahabis like??

This is EGYPT buddy, the home of Naguib Mahfouz, the home of Saad Zaghloul, the home of many intellectuals and educated people, CAIRO the home of Secular living in the entire religion, WE WERE THE BEACON of secularism at a time..NEVER EVER WILL HAVE SOME FAKE SHARIA IMPOSED ON US BY SOME FANATICS LIKE THE MB, the MB the slaves of Wahabi bedouins!!

Anonymous said...

SubhnAllah! amazing the times we live in. a person claiming to be a "true Muslim" while he's bashing on 3uluma2 like the Shaheed Sayyid Qutb and Mohammad Abdul Wahhab. As sayyid qutb stated in his book. we are in an age of Jahiliyyah. the world is full of evil and backwardness. just like pre Islamic arabia which the Prophet Muhammad pbuh rid arabia of. only Sharia law in its Perfection can get rid of the disease of Jahiliyya

Dont make a fool of yourself and make assumptions about me. you dotn know me. I'm also an Egyptian and I follow Ahl us Sunnah. I would love to see Egypt finally step up and progress but my loyalties lie with the Ummah. I will help an oppressed palestinian muslim brother before i will help a coptic christian. I do not fully agree with the Muslim brotherhood as they accept anyone (shias sufis) who join them, and even involve themselves in kufr in order to impose sharia law in egypt. but i do agree i want sharia law in its PERFECTION. true sharia. And i do not fully agree with todays' Salafis.

Now favoring a Secular government is KUFR. Allah has provided us with Divine laws yet you reject it and want to replace it with inferior man made laws. i'm amazed you call yourself a real Muslim but you call the sharia law "backwards"!

Islam is the most INTOLERANT religion in the world. Anyone in his right mind would know that. Its CLEAR in the Quran. Allah does not tolerate Shirk or the mushrikeen, backbiters, those who deal with interests, or bash on Allah or the Prophet pbuh, homosexuals, on. So tell your "moderate" brothers to stop preaching lies that "islam means peace and tolerance". sounds like these moderates have watched too many movies. we (the real muslims) should show no mercy to those who try to destroy islam or tweak it. yet we should treat non Muslims justly and equally if they favor peace.

Islam does not mean fasting, and praying five times a day. Islam means to believe in the Shahada and put it into use in your everyday life. If you believe in la ilaha ilullah, you would fear Allah, obey him and his sharia! your such a hypocrite. do what you want, but stop using islam for your political agenda.

Modern Pharaoh said...

You would help a Palestinian just because he is Muslim over your Egyptian brother because he is Christian??? See you salafi wahabis are crazy and RACIST and brain washed...and what makes that homosexual said qutb some kind of shaheed??

yalla yabny, igry roo7 3al sahara ya rooh tante!

Anonymous said...

subhnAllah, hahaha! you are nothing compared to Sayyid Qutb. you and your Westernized secular ideas disgust me. dont even amount your sick ideas to Sayyid Qutbs teachings. your just a slave of yourself and the west. which makes you the brainwashed one. I'm a slave to no one but Allah.

Since when is helping a Muslim brother over a non Muslim racism? Religions are beliefs and ideas. those with more knowledge and tuwheed then the other is CLEARLY more superior than the other. funny you call me the brainwashed one.

obviously you havent read the rest my last post. All real muslims believe in the salaf issalah, yet i dont agree with TODAYS salafis.

Anyone who favors a secular law is a KAFIR. please...dont call yourself a real muslim. be lucky if Allah even considers you a believer. Fear Allah otherwise for the sake of other Muslims stop tweaking and destroying the image of islam with your bullshit. May Allah destroy this new idea of "moderate" islam once and for all.

call me an extremist or a "wahabbi" for following true islam as it was taught by the Prophet pbuh.

Modern Pharaoh said...

YOu are a sick wahabi Salafi who THINKS they know Islam! Don't you ever call me a KAFIR,and don't you ever claim that ALL MUSLIMS are Salafis,lol, walahey you people are crazy and there is no reasoning with you, you are the demise of Egypt and truth is, most Egyptains who have any power or say or education look at you people and LAUGH, even sheikh's like Tantawy thinks you people are nuts! Said Qutb and Abdel Wahab can both kiss my ASS! this is a Blog not a place for you to call me a Kafir and me to call you a wahabi over and like i said, Go with your salaf way and breast feed from your bestfriends wife then wash it down with a glass of camel piss in your tint!

You people will very soon be soooooooo screwed in Egypt, i am sure the Army will have to intervene and hopefully send you mentally disabled people to Pakistan or Afghanistan so you can go blow yourselves up then claim you are shaheeds

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Tarek, you should not allow anonymous comments on this blog.

It would make it a lot easier if they revealed their identities.

To all those who think Islam and democracy cannot go together, consult this site

Amenhotep®© said...

A very nice article,as if it is what is missing to change people's stupid mentalities lol

Revolutionary Muslim™ said...

Secularism is KUFR!

Secularism is defined in the Webster dictionary as: “A system of doctrines and practices that rejects any form of religious faith and worship” or “The belief that religion and ecclesiastical affairs should not enter into the function of the state especially into public education.”

“Do they seek a judgment of Ignorance? But, who, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than Allah?” (Surah Al-Maidah: 50)

“If any do fail to judge by what Allah has revealed, they are non-believers.” (Surah Al-Maidah: 44
There is no doubt that secularism contradicts Islam in every aspect. They are two different paths that never meet; choosing one means rejecting the other. Hence, whoever chooses Islam has to reject secularism.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@ Revolutionary Muslim: your simply just another narrow minded cannot distinguish between Secularism and being able to be Secular and also be a good pious and religious person..but its typical and normal and nothing new to deal with people such as yourself..Egypt is full of you!

Modern Pharaoh said...

أنا مصرى ..انا مسلم علمانى . أنا أنسان
أنا ليبرالى ... أنا علمانى
أنا مش عربى ... أنا مش أخوان

أحنا مش اخوان

لا للتخلف
لا للرجعيه
لا للتطرف
لا للعنف
لا للإخوااااااااااان

مصر طول عمرها علمانية و هتفضل علمانية غصبا عن عين الاخوان المجرمين واسيادهم الوهابيين البدو
لازم المصريين يفوقوا من الغيبوبة اللى عايشين فيها دى ويقولوا لا للدولة الدينية فى مصر

انا مصري ليبرالي وسطي ديني الاسلام وبعتز بيه
لكن مش اخوان

EgyPeter said...

Maybe Egyptians will start to wake up.

benjemaa said...

I feel the only thing that can save Egypt these days is for a TRUE SECULAR dictator to come to power..a la Kemal Ataturk

Since i dont know one, i vote Jimmy

P.S. Kickass post Modern Pharoah...

JeannieWanstreet said...

Hello, I live in the U.S. As lonely as it is at times I don't think like most Americans. I dont claim any man maid religion. I claim the creator of all things and it seems I stand nearly alone in this world. I just wanted to mention that so you don't get the wrong idea that my views and beliefs reflect those of the rest of the U.S. as a whole. I have read alot of different books such as the bible, the koran, the book of Jasher, The book of Tobit, the book of enoch, ect... I am a curious person that wants and needs to know the trueth. I desire understanding. I believe there is only one creator and therfor can only be one right way. I think the right way is very diffcult to recognize in this world since there is so much disagrrement/confusion. I definately have found that I can not rely on any human to guide me. I want to fill you in a little bit about the issues in the U.S. stemming from such a so called "free country". First of all, although it is free in some since it is not really free. Our voting is a joke. The people go and cast their votes proudly as though they are having some sort of say but really it is a scam and our votes do not matter. Someone or something else is running the system of everything. Worse yet most of the people dont even seem to care who they vote for on a ballot. it is just a thing they go and do. I would not be surprised to find out that many probably just close their eyes and mark a mark where ever the pen may fall. Then others vote when they have no idea what/who they are voting for. It is a game now days to them. Americans are foolish sheep being led to the slaughter. For me and many others it is like living one of those scary movies where everyone but yourself has been brainwashed to not think. In the U.S. they dont allow any kind of religion in the schools anymore right nor wrong. It sounds good to some however it is not good. It is creating monsters that dont believe there is even the creator of all things or a reason to have morals. They are becomming quite animalistic. There is a so called "justice sytem" but it does not respect GOD or the creator(Im not sure what to call him with you peacefully) and alot of the time there is not true justice(It is usually backwards and punishes people that try to do the right thing in GOD's eyes). In the U.S. you can pursue any type of career and most of us live safe in our homes(but not all). But if you truely adhere to God and your family and values you are pretty much outcasted by the majority of people. That is often not intentional because these people dont even know any better. How sad is that? Most americans are born and raised here to only care about luxury. They are taught to do what feels good even if the thing that feels good is wrong. Most of them just watch TV and play video games. Play sports, Some are drunk on a daily basis never taking any time for reality. The women are shopping maniacs that refuse to be a wife to their husbands or mothers to their children. they have many children from different men and some dont even know who the fathers are. Sexual perversion is the norm in the society now days. Everybody is becomming fat from endulging in all the junkfood. Im not saying we are all bad but this is the majority of what I see. On one hand I am thankful to live in a safe(for now) home but on the other Im thinking we are not headed for a desirable ending. I am discusted that people dont even think there is a true magnificant ONE God. It sometimes seems and some of them (admittingly so) think they are god. I dont have all the right answers. I can see where the so called freedom is good because it prevents a wrong religion from opressing the people. But on the other hand it is not good to see that a country is denying that God exists. Im only human and dont know everything but I do know that God raises and crushes kingdoms. I think that is what is happening now. Denying God and his laws is a mistake! The NWO denies God and his laws. They want to be god. so thats not a right way to go. I dont know what to think about the more radical islam people because I have a little bit of understanding where they are coming from and I know that God is a strict God and fights and wins wars but Im not seeing him in the people that claim they are fighting on his side in the radical islam people. (please dont be offended by me using "radical islam" in terminolgy---I just dont know a better thing to call it--you know what I mean I hope?) I think the things everybody needs to remember and think hard on is that Yes God fights and wins wars and therfore a person better make darn sure he is fighting on Gods side. You all know that can be very decieving. And sometimes niether side has God's blessing and in that case Id drop out of both if I were you cause God really will crush you/me in the end. He is not a respector of persons. And we are all responsible for our own deciets because you and I know better.

martı said...

Hey Tarik, it's nice to see the photos of Ataturk and also read your thoughts on him.
I was in Alexandria last month. It was not easy at all to travel around the city as a 'blonde foreigner' but I like the city anyway! :)

Free Soul said...


I agree with you 100%...I’m not Egyptian but I’m Saudi and I know exactly what is Salafi Wahabi. We are suffering from this and it’s a pity to see people how they are convinced and believed in everything Salafi Wahabi doing and saying. Many parents starting sending their children’s outside Saudi to take them away from their disturbed, poisoned thoughts which might affect their children and take them far away from the real Islam…Intensive religion schedules we have in schools and the problem that we are facing from religion school teachers how they are explaining and threatening kids by telling them scary stories about God and hell…they start telling them you have to cover, not to talk to boys/not to talk to girls, you have to pray otherwise God will punish you and explaining in details how the punishment will be in hell, everything is haram, yanni what do you expect from a child when he hears one sheiks talking about the cartoons Tom and Jerry, that is haram and we have to kill Jerry because Jerry is a bad mouse so we have to kill Mickie Mouse as well. Can you believe that???!!!....and the new fatwa about women with nikhab has to cover one of her eyes, only one eyes showing, so she will not attract men (fithna) and I have endless stories about this stupid fatwas. Sorry for my language but this are the reality and the truth. It is frustrating.They are ruining the image of Islam and they are abusing children’s with poisoned thoughts instead of teaching them the word of love that combines everything in life. Loving God, nature, people, all religions, good manners etc and taking them really far away from spirituality, which I think should be our based in Islam….The Salafi Wahabi and the brotherhood of Islam, are using Islam as a power to control people. They have a hidden political interest, that’s why they want to ruin Egypt and turn it into another Iran. The current situation of Egypt indirectly helping them in their hidden political system since most of the people suffer from poverty and lost hope, so the only hope and the light they can see is Islam represented through those people. This is really dangerous…

The word kufr and sherk all Muslims should know that we have no right to judge anyone with this word because God did not create us to judge people around. The only one who can judge is God only….And in the end, I want to clear one point that the Arab and Muslims keep on talking on forever about problems but they never talk about solutions. We have to stop now and think really deeply, wisely, of practical wise solutions and not wasting our time blaming others...And one more thing Tarek, since I’m Saudi I want to clear up that not all Saudis are the same. There are a lot of Saudis who appreciate lots of nationalities and treat them equally whether in work or in a personal level and they already mixed with them..Anyway, I have to stop now because I can talk forever about those subject. Bye and have a nice day.


SecularJew said...

As a fellow secularist, I believe that the Middle East needs socialism too, economic equality and economic democracy. Not just a "liberal" political systems that will win praise from Americans and Europeans. I think Arab nationalism has not delivered for the Arab peoples, and so now many turn to religion because the religious Muslim organizations are standing up to corrupt secular governments and Israel. Who else stands up to Israel's killing of Palestinians and Lebanese but Hamas and Hizbollah? Nobody. And I say that as a Jew. I hate Hamas, but I see why the Palestinians prefer them to Fatah.

Mirette said...

Simply brilliant! If I would take a moment and write something about Egypt, the Middle East, USA, and Israel, I will put in the same ideas. I totally agree with your views on Mohamed Ali, Abd-an-Nassir Vs. Sadat! Oh my God, I just keep thinking what a great country Egypt will be now if only Sadat was still alive! I have so much more to say and comment on, but so little time... Will try to get back to you soon.

All the best,
A true Egyptian and proud descendant of the great pharaohs