Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Third Day in EGYPT.

I arrived in Cairo 3 days ago, flying over the pyramids brought a tear to my Eye, after 13 years of being away from my home, it realy hit me, I"M HOME! Landed in Cairo airport, met by my Mom and Dad, we headed to Tahrir where my mother now lives, the traffic was shocking, very hard to adjust to, some streets were clean some were very dirty, again a very hard thing to adjust to. My father and i then dropped my mom off then we headed to Alexandria, the road is actually fairly new, but ofcourse the driving is hard to describe, people just drive and thats it, no lanes, nothing, but there were 2 speed check points. We arrived in Alex and thats when i Realy felt like i'm home, the smell of the Sea, man did i miss that smell!! Alex is alot more crowded then what it was years ago, and i noticed there are alot of veiled women, it was definitly not like this when i lived here. The courniche is amazing, but unfortunatly all the buildings paint is peeled off and rotted from the salt corrosion, they need to use better paint, but i'll get into the "CHANGE" part later. Its just good to be home, the welcome i got from some old family friends was undescribable, it was amazing. I even found one of my best friends from childhood still living at the same house, i just walked there and i saw his mother, and she hid me in the living room because he was in the shower, then when he came out i surprised him, after 12 YEARS, TWELVE YEARS, it was amazing.

There are many changes that need to be taken here, and again i will get into that after i spend some more time here and get a feel to the population and my surroundings. I LOVE BEING HOME! :)


Mohamed said...

Welcome home, mate. Nawwart beitak :)

Twosret said...

I haven't been back for 9 years, I miss home very much. Please try to take pictures. I would really appreciate it.

Ozmuslim said...

I know the feeling. I live in Melbroune Australia. I love Alex. I love eating Zalabia and drinking Fairouz and smelling the sea. It is an awesome city.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,

I'd like to give you my respect first for being concerned about Egypt when it's not giving u no trouble no more. Makes me proud to be your fellow Egyptian!

I live in Alex. and i'm waiting for the right time to make the right move too, which is gonna be soon isA.. I will give anything to my country...

So, since I'm sure u can use as much ppl as u can get. I'd like to do anything in my power to support u.

Thanks for choosing to take the rocky road

a grain of wheat

Anonymous said...

i see this is the only Egyptian blog which members are respectful ones aiming no goals but the good of their own country,with no other corrupt ideologies or interests,thats why i thought of sharing.well,i have alot of dreams for Egypt,the dreams are inspired from a 5000 years of history,and a sad present.if we wanna change things we gotta start the right way.,we have to search for our right identity,and ideology,who are we? we must ask ourselves,tarek called himself an arab,the right thing tarek is to call urself Egyptian.5000 years ago the europeans were living in caves,and no-one knew about the arabs !,thats where we can start,5000 years ago,not a long journey to take thu!

retinoxcorrexion said...

that was me:)

Anonymous said...

"tarek called himself an arab,the right thing tarek is to call urself Egyptian."
You got that right.
"if we wanna change things we gotta start the right way.,we have to search for our right identity,and ideology,who are we?"
The identity? homosapiens who are trying to stop living and start having a real Life! -one that includes thinking and everything !- Ideology? lets not get bogged down in that. I have a very specific ideology, one that very few would like to share with me. But, that doesnt mean you all suck! As long as your ideology Sincerely respects other people's ideas, beliefs and civil rights, i'll love to work with you for my country's sake.

Anonymous said...

I am an Egyptian Jew, born in Alexandria, living in the US.
I went back after 40 years and LOOOOOOVED every minute of it and have gone back every year since.
I have lived in the US during the last 40 years and had a very good life, but never felt "at home" like I do when in Egypt.
I can't wait for my next upcoming visit!!!!!