Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Anti-Wahhabi Is back with a great post.

Anti-Wahhabi is back with a GREAT POST regarding the inhumane slaughter taking place in Iraq. Also make sure to check out >THIS very interesting article he links us to regarding the crisis that could result from the current Sunni/Shia situation.

Welcome back Anti-Wahhabi

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Egypeter said...

Hi Tarek - I love this blog. And I really respect your opinion and point of view. I'm also a very proud Egyptian born and raised in Chicago. And let me tell you I agree with much of what you say. First and foremost, Egypt FIRST! Enough blaming everyone under the sun for our country's problems, especially the US and Israel, and let's figure out how to solve them instead. Let's embrace our EGYPTIAN identity and work as equal partners to improve our country, God knows that Egypt needs all able people helping, right?

You're definitely a breath of fresh air, the only problem (not really a problem of course :) is that you live here in the US. I've seen you mention the term "brain drain" and that is very true, I'm afraid. Hopefully, the future will see bright new leaders emerge but I am not too optimistic.

I'll be back to check up. Salaam