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I'm sick and tired of all the Egyptian Bloggers who have nothing Positive to say about Egypt! OOOF! So i'm making this post to talk about a few of Egypts positives! ;) I WANT YOU GUYS WHO HAVE POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT EGYPT TO ADD THEM TO THE COMMENT SECTION AND THEN I WILL EDIT THE POST A FEW DAYS FROM NOW AND ADD THE FEEDBACK YOU LEAVE IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

Ok so here are just a few i can come up with real quick.These are also things i MISS DEARLY :(
* Beautiful Alexandria Absolutely one of the most beautiful cities on Gods earth! ALEXANDRIA VIDEO and all our beautiful Resorts all over Egypt, from Sharm El Sheikh (VID) To Hurghada.

Starting in the late 1800's the Khedive "Ruler" of Egypt embarked on a mission to make Cairo the most beautiful capital in the world! Here are some of the beautiful buildings that were built in the late 1800's to mid 1900's.

The governer of Cairo on 5-21-08 announced they will be renovating this entire area and cleaning the buildings and painting them in their original colors again, also removing ugly advertisments and electric wires and so on, finally they are realizing these buildings are a national treasure.

I took 99% of these pictures myself on 5/31/2008 Enjoy & please share with your friends.


* Egyptian Food: I mean seriousley, I love MOLOKHIA, Shawerma, Fool & Ta3miya.Bitingan, Fish Mashwy in Bahari(Alex)..and oh, lets not forget Sabers Ice Cream with Rice pudding!!! YUM. and need i mention "DORA MASHWIY" (grilled Corn)

* The Egyptian angry Dialect: Eeeh Awiz Eeh Ya am Enta...araftina katak nila fishaklak! kan yoom iswid yoom mashoftak...Allah yikhrib beetak we beet eli gabook.

* Egyptian Music and Films, and BELLY DANCING Egyptians LOVE TO DANCE!!

* Egyptian Kids: They are so cute and funny, they are so much nicer than "other kids"

* Just going for a walk on the nile or on the cornishe is great.

* The Egyptian Family ties: So tight, they are always together and usually very close knit.

* The AHWA "Coffee shop" and i mean the Real Ahwa's not the New Starbucks that are opening all over Egypt!

* Nothing compares to Egyptians sense of humor (damina khafif awy) and i mean nothing and no one.

* How you can see the modern Infusion of European and American Influence mixed with Arabic Tradition (usually with upper or middle class)

* We are surrounded by the NILE, The Red Sea, The Meditteranean Sea...


* How Egypt is like a magnet, no matter how long you've been away, there is a longing to go back, like they say "Once you drink from the nile, you'll always go back"


"The Evolutionary" said...

The safety, comparing to here anyway. You can walk any time of the day or night and not worry, in most areas.

How the whole neighborhood joins in to catch a "harami" if someone screams that word. And how they beat the crap out of him as well. Sometimes it saves a lot of trouble to be able to take the law into your own hands.

The music of people like Hakim and Shaaban, who have their finger on the pulse of the people.

Saiyeedi jokes.

Goha stories.

The flowers necklaces that street children sell, made from ful and yasmeen.

Wedding parties in the street (furrah).

The pride of felaheen and saiyeedis.

Balady foods. Like fateer masheltet. (Did I spell that right?) Mish and fahseek.

Khan al Khalili.

Old neighborhoods like Sayida Zainab and Hussein.

Old men riding bicycles.

A whole family on 1 motorcycle.

Donkey and horse carts in the same streets as Mercedes and BMWs.

The view from the Citadel.

The males gathering in the siwan to hear Quran for the dead.

The adthan 5 times a day.

The "metfa" and the "masaharati" in Ramadan.

Fawanees Ramadan.

Eid cookies and relatives coming to pay the kids "Eidiyah". New pajamas the night before Eid.

Slaughtering and Fateh for Eid al Adha.

A ride in a hantour.

The smell of clean clothes hung in the sun to dry.

I think I could go on and on.....

Twosret said...

Modern Pharoah,

I'm like you sick and tired of those Zionists rejoicing on everything negative said about Egypt. I always told Sandmonkey and Big Pharoah that you are entitled to how you feel but it sounds always like they are dedicating their blogs for the Zionists as very few Egyptians would even comment on their very negative posts that is is full of generalization.

Oh Well!

"The Evolutionary" said...

MP--just wanted you to know I followed the link to the woman going off on her husband. I thought it was a riot. Then later I showed it to my husband. He was been watching all those shows and laughing his head off all afternoon!!! You really made his day. We have the DISH but it's not often we see that show on it--is it still called Kamera Kafiah or what? Anyway, it's been a fun day--thanks!

Amenhotep®© said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Modern Pharaoh said...

@Amenhotop: Go kill yourself you negative bastard!

Your saying there are no nice places on the Nile?? have you ever been on any of the Big Nie Boats, the ones that have restaurants and so on?

and your stupid family ties comment..every family in the world has problems, but to say that its just a show off in Egypt your nuts...

I'm not even gonna waste my time on you stupid negative comments!

you depressed moron, i can't believe you would go and try to analyze every item, and find the negative part about it! What a miserable

amreg said...

great post Pharaoh

and 'bout that moron (Amenhotop)
alexandria is not that unique???
where r u from dude????
if u know anything about history
islamic ,arabic ,scientific ,roman ,greek ,pharonic ... etc
ALEXANDRIA is always there
howcome it's not unique

if u don't like egypt and that u hate it this much
plz ,u r welcome to leave it for well
egypt doesn't love u too

now back to the topic ...
more beautiful things about egypt
let's see

just take a look at the fans cheerin' for their teams in soccer games .. it's unique in egypt
with the egyptian phrases

the great friendship bonds

el 7antooooooor =P

welad el balad (men ba7ary we ben7eboh =P)

the pyramids

the unique music in egypt such as moner and amr diab
mixing the western with oriental tunes ... awesome

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina

what can i say
egypt is too great for anyone to talk about her

person said...

Egypt is great if you're of a certain social class and gender and living a million miles away. Life is quite different when you're living there.

Amenhotep®© said...

Dear modern pharaoh:
You were focusing trying to find good things while bad things are so prominent,we all wish the best for out Egypt,but if the negatives are so prominent,why not to focus on them and try to analyze them and correct them,you are focusing on the possitive things you see during your short visits which is not fair,we Egyptians love Egypt as our home but we don't like what we see and what we are living,focusing on good things like you do won't make life any better for ordinary people,you don't know what people go through here everyday ever since they leave their homes till they come back.every country has its problems but people in Egypt don't care anymote as everyone sees things getting worse,people take the good things and criticize it,(yetala3o fe el otat el fatsa)but you can't take bad thing and try to make it look better it sin't fooling anyone.
Have a nice day.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@AmenNegative: So your speaking as if every single Egyptian is sick and tired of the country, i KNOW that is not the case. and let me ask you one thing, WHAT DO YOU PLAN ON DOING TO HELP MAKE THINGS BETTER IN EGYPT?

"The Evolutionary" said...

You see amenhotep---you have to start somehwere. MP's idea of just cleaning up your own block of trash--or picking something off the street and throwing it away--makes a difference. One person does it, another sees it, and also does it, and before you know it, Egypt might be a bit cleaner.

MP is seriously looking for ways to make positive changes. He doesnt need negativity, he needs a few people to join hands to make a change. I said it before and I say it again. Insha Alalh I will live permanently in Egypt soon. I am ready to help in any way--and I'm not even Egyptian. Give me a break---we all know about the bad things--let's focus on the good. Otherwise nothing will change. It will only get worse.

white_iris said...

mr pharoh nice too meet u first of all i hope u stay away with your freakin dollars out egypt cause we actually donot need u what beautiful things u r talkin about ?????????? dirty cairo that poluted cairo that every time i go my eyes get infection from polution or walkin in the nile to see fead animals in it and smill shity smills ? alexandria?
it is good but races acts is cuting it a part muslims coptics alexandria that every hotel in it cast 300 or 400 pounds in the night? ohhhhhhhh sharm el shekh yeah yeah most of egyptians didnot saw this sharm cause they donot have money to go there they hardly living their usual day ridding microbuses that r not made for human use only for animals or trains and faries that kills them ? and u say sharm ? we r not allowed to be closs to the pyramids and u say sharm? and oh yeah bally dancing yeah yeah like dina she is dancing with her underwears witch provocate the emotions of half of the egyptians youth that donot have money to marry ? a girl made a blog it is name i wanna get marry? and then u r talking about food? and ramadan? oh did u forgot the molestation happiend in down town? 2.5 million kid are homeless government killing and hit every one say no?or enough kefayah? and what infusion of modern culture u r talkin about? alot percentage of the people canot write or read and people that even write and read they donot have any clue about culture or reading books or the infusion in your vision is big malls and mini skirts and spike hair and listing to the queen madona? look my dear u r just talkin like my british relatives and they r british not egyptians they saying oh egypt is modern one and say all your stupied things u have said in your blog and i just say they r tourists all what they care is that things and u r dude also a tourist u come to egypt once in a year or two years and living in uncle sam country enjoying wellfair and democracy and come to egypt to enjoy beaches and resorts and malls and oh say who is the stupied who say egypt is bad!!!!!!!!! sorry dude but u r outsider u r not insider in egypt to konw what is going on by the way u forgot north cost of egypt and marinaaaaaaa.byeeeeee

white_iris said...

ny the way mr pharoh i want to make and institute that fight child molestation witch is groing every day and touches alot of children this in case u will say what i want to do for egypt i hope o can do it one day and people of egypt help me and just donot say u r acusing and say bad things about egypt every time when a person come and want to fix something bad in egypt and what about u mr pharoh what u have done to egypt? or u just staying in the states giving advices overseas through html language. see ya

white_iris said...

oh thanks for your bad words it really show how modern u r my father teached me not to say bad words to people i am the one who is lowlife thanks again

Modern Pharaoh said...

@White iris: Actually the best patriotic thing you can do for Egypt White iris is get the FUCK out of the country!

We don't need losers like you who have no goals and no hope and can't see the light!

Learn howto put sentences together you douchebag!

ps: White iris KISS MY ASS, and TEEZIK HAMRA

Hassan Mahmoud said...

You are not polite too
Mr Tarek you even can not see that the shots were taken from Dubai channel.
What Egypt exactly you are talking about?
Ancient Egypt or what?
Man, update your mind we are now in 2007. Not 7000 BC
You really have error in vision and thinking. That is normal because u are living in US not Egypt.
Please talk about ur area only
Not our area.
And be polite
Can u ?
I doubt that, because u are hopeless case.
By the way, y u are in US and not in Egypt?
Y u donot think to come back and stay and u will C the Egyptian beauty and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

وطيزك هى اللى حمره

انت اكيد هربان من جنينة الحيوان
فى قرد هناك بيدور عليك

كاتش عليه

Anonymous said...

this animal named Tarek got certificate to be dealt with as handicapped illminded person
so ignore him

his original home is the zoo

they will quickly catch him and send him back to the cage

Anonymous said...

A few beautiful things about Egypt:

You are not living in it.

This is the best thing you did for serving Egypt

Egypeter said...

Jeeeez, what is going on here?? Why all the hostility?

White Iris, I understand your frustration. And MP, I agree with you too.

I really don't think there's a need for name-calling and insults as we are all EGYPTIAN!! I think everyone here wishes the same things for Egypt - we're actually all on the same team, right?

Let's face it Egypt has a ton of problems but Egypt also is a wonderful place that is special to ALL Egyptians whether at home or living abroad. There is no reason to question one's loyalty and love for Egypt EVEN if they don't live inside the countryy! But let's be realistic, things are going from bad to worse and if these issues are not addressed IMMEDIATELY things might soon explode.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents as a Chicago born Egyptian :)

"Egypt is not a homeland we live in but a home that lives inside us"
-Pope Shenouda III


*Egyptian Princess* said...

What is with all of you!!! We're all Egyptian here (i think) so why are we fighting about what we think of our country? Yes, there are some things that are messed up, and need to be sorted out, just like all the countries in the world, but you all need 2 realise that Egypt is SUCH a beautiful, amazing country. It has such an individual culture that just entices you, and once your caught, you just can't get out. I hate the people that have nothing good to say---yeah, i'm not gonna lie, there are bad things in Egypt, but why are you forgeting all the stunning things that are also there---look at the endless lists of things that are great from Om el Donia!
I've lived in the West, and all my family wanted to come...they say they hate Egypt and can't wait to get out, yet when one of my cousins came to visit, she couldn't wait to get back...she missed Cairo way too much, there's something about Egypt that you just can't get anywhere else, and maybe you'd all realise that if you left, you'd miss it more than you could ever imagine.
Now instead of getting pissed at each other and trying to get your negativity across, why don't you just accept the beauty of your country, and be greatful that there are people that love it, because Egypt's worth alot more than the love it's reciving...

Egypeter said...

White Iris - I assume you were talking about "problems" like this, right?

So sad! Just blame EVERYTHING on the Christians...

Modern Pharaoh said...

Wow, all the Negativity! No wonder Egypt is fucked up now, cuz asswipes like you guys live in it!!

Walahey the best people for Egypt are people who go and study abroad and gain knowledge while expanding their mind! Then come back to Egypt and combat the Filth such as those people posting negative shit on here!

The sad thing is those filthy asswipes are the ones there and were not! They are the "Future" of Egypt...ya nihar eswid!!

Amenhotep®© said...

Oh,things got warmed up here and i thought it was just me,Do you think modern Pharaoh that bunch of thousands who are abroad can change mentality of millions?i've been abroad and thought i can change but you can't discuss anytihng with people,things will never change here.We are not negative,try it yourself and maybe you will understand.

white_iris said...

m pharoh if u see that we r bad future for egypt well come from usa by yourself and fix the country if u can and in that case i will lean for u and i will call u big boss من الاخر اذا كان مش عجبك المصرين الى فى مصر والله ارجع بنفسك و صلحها لما نشوف الناس الى متعلمه بره هتعمل ايه اكيد تعلمهم احسن مننا وانا اقدر اقول غير كده ما انت الباشا الكبير و احنا الرعاع الهمج الى مش مقدرين قيمه مصر و الى بتقدمهولنا كل يوم من ذل و ضرب و اهانه و عمى الى اترمى فى السجن اربع سنين لانه قال الاسلام هو الحل و جدى من قبل منه بقى انت بتشكك فى وطنيتى و عمى من شهداء حرب 73 عموما برده شكرا يا باشا يا متعلم انا كتبت الكلام ده بالعربى بما انك مش عاجباك الغه الانجليزيه بتاعتى و بتتريق عليه ماعلش تعليم حكومى بقى

Modern Pharaoh said...

To all the people talking shit about Egypt: Why are you still there?

Ya Satir ya rab, Il Israeli Ahsan Minko walahey!

"The Evolutionary" said...

MP--dont be discouraged by all this negativity. Continue on your quest to find things YOU can do alone to improve the country. Like I said, if someone sees you doing it, maybe they will follow your lead and little by little things will change. Meantime, I am dealing with a nutcase on my own blog who doesnt like ME liking Egypt!!! And I think he's Egyptian as well--haha. What's going on--is it a full moon???

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Evolutionary: I realy think its no use :(

دماغ ماك said...

bos ya 3am....3andak 7a2 en masr feha 7agat 7elwa keter mesh mawgoda fe ay 7eta fe el 3alam ...
we 3ala el 2a2al feha el ro7 beta3etha elly mabet7esehash fe ay 7etta fe el 3alam..
bas 3ayez 2a2olak en lel 2asaf el 7agat el we7sha aktar men el 7agat el 7elwa bekter..
3ala el 2a2al el zol we el mahana elly el masrieen 3ayshen feha tol 7ayathom
2a2al mokawemat el 7aya el karema zay el hawa el nedef maslan mesh mawgoda
e7na 3omrena ma kan asdena nehen masr we maben7ebesh 7ad yezayed 3alena fe 7obena leha
e7na ka modawenen bendafe3 3an masr we 7e2o2 sha3baha aktar men nas keter geda mabte3melsh 7aga
we yaret balash el shatayem el keter de..mahyash tare2a fe el rad 3ala ay ra2y mo7'alef lek
azon da heya mabade2 el demokrateya elly el balad elly enta feha betnady beha

Wadi said...


You've got a great blog. You might need to start instituting a comments policy though to block out the idiots.

Plus, I'd like to hear more about your Mortgage Brokering career. Maybe share some insights on Personal Finance and whatnot.


Modern Pharaoh said...

@Wadi: Your a breath of fresh air! These jerk offs seriousley depressed me! lol

anything you wanna know mortgage wise just email me!

Modern Pharaoh said...

my conclusion: I have come to the conclustion, that like my Lebanese uncle always says "WE ARABS ARE BAD PEOPLE" He's rite!

I think it would be easier to sit down and talk sense with an ISRAELI then it would with Arabs. Case Closed, Blog Done! and Good Bye!

Hopeless Fucking Case! "now wonder were the laughing stock of the whole fucking world"

Shahira said...

modern pharoah, believe it or not i used to respect you big time whenever i see you posting a comment on SM's blog to correct the misconception of people talkin bad about our country, but now im sorry but you're niether modern nor pharoah... oh plz don't call me names for expressing my opinion and i'll be extremely thankful

Lebanesegirl said...

Arabs are not bad. Arabs are just too emotional, too passive (who can blame them really), we always give up too soon.
This post was obviously an attempt at optimism and seeing the glass half full instead of half empty, so it is understandable that you would take offense at people who always look at the bad stuff instead of the good. However you reacted like arabs always do. I am sorry to say you blew up like we do, without using your head and counting to ten. There are always idiots who post negative and negative comments on blogs but you should not have responded the way you did.
However it is easy for me to preach, but I probably would have reacted the same way, who knows?...

Sherri said...

MP: You have had the opportunity to c a different way of life that has given you the gift to c behond the problem and c ways of solving them. Egyptian people who are in the thick of the mess in Egypt have no exposure to enable them to c beyond the counties troubles. Your people have been opressed throughout their history. I am extremely disapointed that the 'mother of the world' is not our leader of the world. I admire your approach and totally support your ideals. If Egypt could find 1 million people like you and put them in government offices, Egypt would finally c the light at the end of the tunnel and be a strong society.

Anonymous said...

Modern Pharaoh

Man, When are you coming back?

I think you've taken a break for long enough

Islam said...

Cool blog man.