Friday, February 02, 2007

Egypt vs Muslim Brotherhood

Although i don't agree with his long standing presidency and many of his policies President Hosni Mubarak actually makes alot of sense when he says this,and i agree with his words 100%, IT WOULD BE A DISASTER! ,
"The Muslim Brotherhood movement, which is banned in Egypt, is a danger to the country's security because it adopts a clear religious path... Should this movement come to power, many will take their money and flee the country; investment [in Egypt] will come to a halt; unemployment will increase; and, worse yet, Egypt will be irrevocably isolated from the world."
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"The Evolutionary" said...

I am surprised in recent months how militant and extremist the Ikhwan are becoming. Unless I am wrong, they used to seem pretty innocuous. Soon you wont be able to tell the difference between them and the damned Wahabbe/Salafis. What's happening in Egypt?

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

I highly doubt Egypt will become like SA.

Muslim Brotherhood knows that without tourism their coffers will cease to exist.

Modern Pharaoh said...

Anti Wahabi! I don't think the MB actually thinks that far ahead or cares. I bet they consider tourists a bad thing for our religion.

"The Evolutionary" said...

If I may ask...what happened to "anti-wahhabi's" blog? I sure would love to read that!

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Modern Pharaoh, you're underestimating the MB in Egypt.

They are not fanatical as you think they are. Think of it this way, if the Sahabas didn't destroy the pyramids when they set foot to Egypt, then by what logic can the Muslim Brotherhood do that?

They are a source of pride for Egyptians and I highly doubt they would do that.

Besides, the Muslim Brotherhood are not like the Taliban in Afghanistan (thank God) and they don't consider tourists bad because if they did they wouldn't allow them to purchase alcohol readily.

Something to think about.

"the evolutionary", I've been meaning to start up my blog but I'm frankly extremely lazy and when I find the time and the willpower, I'll start up my blog.

Moroccan said...

Why are you guys using western labels like wahabi to discuss Arab issues? Isn't it the same "wahabi doctrine" that opened McDonald's restaurants in Mecca itself? Most of you here don't seem to understand much of Saudi politics and all I see is commentary/ideas taken directly from those "western experts", most of whom don't speak a single word of Arabic. The Saudi Arabian political system is relatively better than the Egyptian one. Why blame the Saudi leadership for having a very conservative society? Isn't that what the majority of Saudi citizens want? The Egyptians, the Moroccans, the Tunisians/etc are basically all coerced to adopt values that are foreign to them...which is now leading to the rise of conservatism and fundamentalism. If you look at Saudi Arabia, their conservatism hasn't changed much in the last decades.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Moroccan : i agree with you, Saudia arabia is alot safer and less apt to terrorism or fundementalism than places like Egypt and so on. Its not necessarit the WAHABI doctorine i'm talking about...There are many wahabis in UAE as well and that country is great and Safe. Its the Fundementalist that worry me.

ANTI WAHABI is another blogger, i don't 100% agree with his name but i think he's ANTI-EXTREMISM more than he is anti wahabi.

fatima said...

Im not a supporter of the Muslim brotherhood , but I loathe Mubarak and his vile Army Government and his repressive regime and the torture he uses against his people

the Muslim brotherhood have one Strong Supporter :Christian George Ishak who speaks highly of them. without the Muslim brotherhood many thousands of people will go hungry , will have no medicine and even no clothes . the Muslim brotherhood continues to use zakat money from the Muslism to alleviate pain for the hungry and the sick and that s the reason why they are more popular than Muabrak . the president Fat cats are getting fatter and their mansions are getting larger and have better furniture .

Shame on mubarak , things were a lot better 20 years ago and now the country looks dirtier , poorer and the unemployment is pushing children to beg and sell their bodies . (documentaries )

the last time they had ELections (so called ) and when he knew that the Muslim brotherhood areas were flooded with voters , he closed the schools where the elections were taking place, they put barbed wires on the road , they beat up people , asked them to go home , and Mubarak managed to have 26 people Killed and 400 Injured and many detained . the Police in Civilian clothes were shown on tv beating up people and kicking them with their feet . it was shameful , but the world stayed silent . the Whitehouse would have prefered if things went a little more smoother apparently . Shame .

the Muslim brotherhood also said they are aware they have christians among them and they are considered people of the book and brothers and they would not have anyone harm them . but Musharaf would send his dogs to hurt christians so the finger will automatically point at the Muslim brotherhood . shame .You may not approve of my post after moderation But i hope you ll read it .

fatima said...

I was doing some reading about Wahabism and then i found a british Spy linked to the Wahabi sect his name is Hempher You may decide to read about him too . I m not done yet , reading about him . I m also finding british hands behind the Bahai Faith