Friday, February 02, 2007

Egypts Minister of Religion Rejects the Niquab!! I agree with him

I agree with him, his point of view makes alot of sense and i commend him on speaking his mind! ..

Egypt's minister of religion rejects the Niquab.
By Loveday Morris, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 1:12am GMT 29/01/2007

The Egyptian government is embroiled in an angry dispute with conservative Muslims after trying to clamp down on women who cover their faces with a veil.

The controversy comes after the minister of religious endowments, Hamdi Zaqzuq, expelled an official from a meeting after she refused to remove her niqab, a veil that leaves only the eyes exposed.

"I totally reject the niqab," said Mr Zaqzuq. "No religious counsellor needs to wear it, since it is not required by Islamic law."

The woman was one of 50 people appointed to provide religious guidance. Fully veiled women have now been banned from the post because the minister feared they would "promote the culture of the niqab".

The dispute echoes the row that engulfed Jack Straw in Britain, when the former foreign secretary said he asked constituents to remove their veils during meetings – prompting cries of "Islamophobia".

Wearing the full veil is banned in Turkey and Tunisia and there are growing restrictions in Egypt. Helwan University, in Cairo, has banned the niqab and expelled 15 students who refused to abandon it.

Egypt's government-backed newspapers also campaign against it. Salama Ahmed Salama, a columnist in the daily Al-Ahram, said: "The niqab degrades women. They cannot function as teachers, doctors, journalists or government employees."

although the niqab remains rare, its popularity is growing. Wearing it is seen increasingly as a political statement and critics say the crackdown highlights the secular government's anxiety to keep power out of the hands of conservative religious groups.


Anonymous said...

If a woman chooses to wear it whats the problem??? it's her choice the same way men choose to grow a beard!!!!

I notice it's very easy to jump up and down when people like to follow their religion.

How bout banning the men who have beards and refuse to shave them off???

Modern Pharaoh said...

I also believe its a womans choice to do what she wants! But if the Goverment does not allow it for security and interpersonal purposes and it doesn't contradict religion then there is nothing wrong with banning it.

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

I say ban the niqab right away.

It is NOT an Islamic custom but a Persian custom stemming from the Sassanid Empire.

Egypt is NOT Saudi Arabia, and wearing a niqab does not make one a better Muslim.

It's whats in your heart that makes you a Muslim.

Sugar Mouse In The Rain said...

I'm skeptic about the integrity of Salama A. Salama and where he gets his ideas from. Read my post: