Friday, February 16, 2007

Expanding Egypts Living Space

"Zahma ya donya Zahma"

Egypt is actually a big country, 1,001,449 Sq Kilometers.That's about the same size as Texas and New Mexico combined. Yet most of the population is so condensed in certain places. Of course Cairo being the most congested, Cairo's population density is 10times that of New York for example. The streets are narrow, the bridges are mostly only 2 lanes and there are barely any freeways. We really need to use more of Egypt's land!

I know Sadat was one of the first to start implementing this idea, in his time, 10th of Ramadan city and October 6th city were founded, hoping to attract people away from Cairo's condensed streets. Although fairly successful those places are lacking many things, specially entertainment and shopping and business opportunities and so on, The city planners need to take all those little facts into notice when building. I know Mubarak came up with the TOSHKA PROJECT which is a great idea! They started work on it efficiently but the past few years its scarcely worked on! and the sad thing is that many Egyptians look at it in a negative light, instead of looking at all the good that can come from it.

Another new thing they are doing is MOVING GOVERNMENT OFFICES TO THE OUTSKIRTS which may seem like a smart idea, but i think that Government offices should always be downtown. What needs to be done is irrigate the desert, start building cities there, but cities where you have entertainment, shopping and everything available, and maybe give people who move there Tax Breaks as an incentive to move,or give businesses loans to move there, maybe instead of building a mall in Cairo build one in the desert and the people will come (They kind of did this in Alexandria with the KARFOUR mall) Also we need those cities to be connected to the Major city they are near by a Freeway system, so that you can still drive a short distance and be in the major city. This is where those projects lack, the little things, such as the freeways and the entertainment and business.

Also when building those cities, the workers need to have the proper amenities and be comfortable while building because I'm sure they would have to live on the site for a while. So maybe they could build them a small wood homes, you know like they do in the USA for workers, they should have air conditioned areas for them, they should even have maybe a movie theater or some kind of entertainment for the workers. "I keep mentioning entertainment, but i feel its an important part of the soul"

This extra living space will give people room to breath and will also help people relax from all the noise and hustle and bustle of the crowded city. When I'm in Cairo in traffic it drives me nuts, i really lose my temper, now i imagine all the people living there daily!! Only positives can come out of such an endeavor.


Modern Pharaoh said...

HEY GUYS: Any Suggestions on ways to Expand Egypts living space are greatly encouraged!! ;)

Egypt First!!!

AhmedKassem said...

well a big city in sinia would should be built for egyptians not russians and italians, the north and east coast should be developed for living and not only for tourism

"The Evolutionary" said...

6th of October has Hyper1 (well close enough)--that's all the entertainment I need ;-)))

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Islamic clerics in Egypt should follow Iran's example and implement a vast family planning program to reduce the birth rate as well as the fertility rate in Egypt.

AhmedKassem said...

Egypt population is not a bad thing its only used in a fucked up way ,if more arable land is available,and people are more evenly scattered ,the population can be very productive for Egypt.

"The Evolutionary" said...

Hey! I just had a brilliant idea. I am absolutely in love with SEKEM How about getting behind this project, learning from its founder, and/or making more farms like it irrigating desert land, housing, employing, and feeding hundreds, if not thousands???