Saturday, February 10, 2007

Couldn't have said it better myself!!!

EXCELLENT VIDEO I seriuosley respect this man, we need more leaders like him!! Actually there are many who think like him in the Arab world but just keep to themselves and never speak up! I guarantee there are more moderate understanding people in the Arab/Muslim world then there are extremist assholes...but the Moderates never speak up or voice their condemnation of bad acts, not for fear of anything, but its just something they don't want to get involved in! Well the time has come to speak up and get involved before we lose more Youth to fanatical idealogies. Egyptian actors and Singers have a great oppertunity to speak up against violence and fanatical ideas..For example Someone like Adel Imam is so admired, and people would listen to him or at least his words would make them think. SPEAK UP!

PS: Got this link from Egyptian Kangaroos' Blog Already morons are leaving comments on his post that the guy in the video must be an Israeli Agent! those morons think. Because the guy on the Video is saying THINK PEACE, and PREACH LOVE they are saying hes Israeli disguised as an i guess If he said "CUT HEADS OFF" "BLOW YOURSELVES UP" we'd know he's Arab?????? "The simple Arab mind" *sigh*


Moroccan said...

Re-read again what I posted.

Never said the man was Israeli or agent for Israel. Funny how you accuse FoxNews of twisting the words of the Imam who spoke at the DNC when you just did the same towards my post.

Any well informed individual knows what MEMRI stands for:,7792,773258,00.html

I will not respond to your insults but I hope that in the future you will do your homework before falsely accusing people of things they never claimed.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Moroccan : This POST is not to DISCUSS MEMRI TV and its LEGITIMACY!!! Its to Hear the great message this guy is saying...but ofcourse you have to go and start talking Israeli agent and blah blah blah...Spare us!

Moroccan said...

Writing "simple Arab mind" is a border-line racist ignorant statement.

There is no such as an Arab mind (except in the minds of prejudiced and misguided people) but there seems to be a modern pharoah simple of mind.

Please cleanse your mind from bigotry and prejudice. It is never justified, even against your own people.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Moroccan, your link doesn't even work but the link i was able to come up with was this. CAN YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF

Moroccan said...

You don't seem to understand why people object to MEMRI's efforts. It is dishonest, unethical and their agenda is not sincere. The fact that it is run by an ex-Israeli intelligence officer matters a lot. If you're naive enough to trust the motives of such source (and it has nothing to do with Israeli really) then all we can do is point to information that you may not know. No need to issue insults and such.

If you respect and appreciate MEMRI, well send them a check.

In my opinion, if you wanted to share with your readers the message contained in that video, well you could have contacted the actual Arab TV station in order to get a copy.

Moroccan said...

OK try this now:

Guardian on MEMRI

Modern Pharaoh said...

Moroccan, you continue to prove how SIMPLE you are!!

You keep trying to discredit MEMRI TV instead of focusing on the great message this video is trying to send.

You are a negative simple minded human. You can't think Positive you are programmed to think Negative. You sound rediculous when you say "GET THE VIDEO FROM THE CHANNEL THAT AIRED IT" .. ANyways trying to change some ZEALOT like you is like beating a dead horse!

صفصف لادي said...

dear m.pharaoh, i really dont know why the wise real muslim in the vedioe was called an israili, maybe coz he is a shiat,i can see that u r bothering urself replying at the moroccan, dont bother urself, its not worth burning ur blood as we say.
to reach this extint of blindness is far beyond any repair, the moroccan friend is simply struck blind to the extent that he can not at all understand the message being said and cared only about the source of the chanel.
what to do?? really tell me, what shall we do with such people?? i have totaly lost hope in gaining thier minds again.
isnt there some verse about talking about that in quran??
good luck and thanks alot for the clip, it makes someone like me breath happliy for some time, i thought such people like that thinker never existed nowadays.

Modern Pharaoh said...

صوتشا ام مصطفيتش @

Your absolutely correct! People like that are mentioned in the Quran "Lost Blinded Souls" i think is what they are referred to! The sad thing is there are many of them Hiding behind Islam in our Muslim Countries!

Anonymous said...


so what if MEMRI has an agenda, which is to expose to non-arab speakers what is regularly written in the Arab press? Israelis are of course well qualified to do this and it serves their interests. But I think this video shows that it's not all one-sided. What the man says may not be flattering, but he himself proves that freedom of thought and an appreciation of the great contributions of other cultures is possible within Islam. You know, the Islamic world was more enlightened in the days of Muslim Spain than it is now in many ways!! How about that? Christendom went through dark periods too, of course. It is because of men like this that the Muslim world and the rest of the world will ultimately become reconciled, or woe to us all. I read your link, it wasn't even that damning to MEMRI...I think it would be great if the Arab world would translate its own press instead of bitching that those clever Israelis are up to no good again, but how likely do you think that is? MEMRI for the moment provides an invaluable service by permitting non-arab speakers to peak behind the veil of the pronouncements coming from the Arab world that are intended purely for western consumption when often what is in the press is more illuminating, and it can now be read.

MP, thanx for the link! I found it very encouraging and was actually moved by the simple fact that this guy found good things to say about Beethoven!! funny, huh?

Anonymous said...

Nice racist, Jew hating blog you have here.
Islam is an insane creed of hate that teaches people from infancy to love death and hate everyone except them. As long as you muslims keep your mouths shut and stay to yourselves, that's fine, but you haven't and now the world has come to hate Islam.

You morons want jihad? You're certainly going to get your wish and most of you poorly armed fools will be annihilated for your trouble. Which will be fine with you because then you can go romp sexually in "Paradise" with your 72 9-year-old virgin little girls and 27 young boys. In your dreams, you perverts!

Modern Pharaoh said...

Anonymus SAYS "ANONYMUS: "Hi
Nice racist, Jew hating blog you have here.
Islam is an insane creed of hate that teaches people from infancy to love death and hate"

Where is one JEW hating thing in this blog? You abviousley didn't even look around.. anyways thanks for stopping by. Come again........Douche bag!

You little haters are realy gonna have to come up with something new the 72 virgin thing is played out! It has nothing to do with Sexuality, but why even try to explain it to Douchebags.

Egyptian Kangaroo said...

This is a video that was shown on Abu Dhabi TV, the state broadcaster for the United Arab Emirates. It is a shame that Abu Dhabi TV don't have a website to show these kind of videos. I have no problem with MEMRI because what they are doing is posting material that has already been aired. I believe that the radical Sheikhs shouldn't be given air time from Al Jazzera or any other channel to begin with. They are doing a lot of harm to Islam and Muslims. I think that the time has come that Aras should stop blaming their mistakes and wrong doing on Israel. It is the same as putting your head in the sand! Arab leaders have been blaming anything that goes wrong on in their country on the Israeli - Palestinian conflict and that is one of the main reasons that they don't want to see a solution that quick.

"The Evolutionary" said...

That was a WONDERFUL video--I need to find more about this guy in English. He speaks of the kind of world I want to live in, the kind of world I am willing to help create. People like that man give me HOPE. What a great service you did MP by posting that video. Big cybers hugs to you--thanks so much.

Moroccan said...


Frankly, your posts are quite immature, lack any substance and you still can't get the point.

It seems that insulting people is what you do best.

Moroccan said...


Let's stop with this "days of enlightenment in Spain" bs.

Do you realize that it was in the middle ages?

Talking about the Muslim world in such simple minded approach is in my opinion some type of racism.

There are 2 people who speak about the Muslim world as one monolithic entity: 1-) the lunatic fundamentalists 2-) Some western bigots (popular now) and others who use the same labels.

On MEMRI, it is as "balanced" as the Iranian President who calls for the destruction of the Jewish homeland (Israel) while embracing Jews from Neturei Karta.

The video was on Abu-Dubai which is broadcast to the Arab world to begin with. It is not as if MEMRI was broadcasting things that are not shown in the Arab world.

MEMRI's ultimate goal is to demonize Arabs and Muslims in general by capitalizing on the few crazed comments (that every society has). One should note that MEMRI is not run by some leftist Israeli with good intentions but by an ex-intelligence officer from the Israeli Army.

These disingenuous organized tactics have been used by the Nazis to demonize Jews in the eyes of German citizens to the point where they drove these people in millions to gas chamber and ovens without feeling much guilt.

Considering the current situation in the Middle East (US occupation of Iraq, etc), MEMRI is providing a "moral justification" for people to support such destructive wars.

MEMRI's videos are on youtube, check out which ones are put up and read the comments.

If you are someone who cares deeply about human rights like I do then you would stand against MEMRI and expose them. The least one can accuse it of is the fact that they take what Arabs say and put the blame on all Muslims. What have non-Arab Muslims (who are the majority in America) done to MEMRI to deserve this?

M2Timechange said...

Our life on earth is short
To whatever lands we came,
in whatever hearts, in all humanity,
Come here, let's make peace,
let's not be strangers and enemies to one another.

Anonymous said...


Of course it was in the middle ages...and that's my point, the muslims were in some cases more open to the streams of western culture (greeks to be precise) than the truly medieval pronouncements that come out of the mouths of many muslims today...ahmadinejad's messianic lunacy is just one good example. The arabic world is not monolithic; hey, i've been to egypt and palestine...i've meet many good folks on the way. But the Arab world has a huge problem when it comes to joining the modern world in a constructive manner. So MEMRI rebroadcasts, with subtitles so non-arabic speakers can understand (which is why just broadcasting to arabs is not the point as you seem to say), the truly enlightened thoughts of an arab open to the greatness in all cultures: this is a problem??? So what if these guys are ex-mossad or whatever? They deserve credit for opening a window into the muslim world; if it's somewhat biased, well, there are over a billion muslims in the world...let them provide a contrary view!!! For example, MEMRI has exposed much of the anti-semitic crap based on the protocols and other blood libels that passes for popular culture on arab and iranian TV...are you suggesting this malicious junk is not on the air and condoned by public broadcasting authorities? You would feel better if the west remained stupefied in ignorance so that when our skyscrapers are toppled, we don't have the faintest clue why? It's too late for that, my friend.

Moroccan said...


MEMRI is not the only venue for discovering such "enlightened" views as you claimed. Like in every intelligence agency (Mossad or not), their recruits are thought the art of deception. Not the things you want to teach to your child, right?

You want Muslims everywhere in the world to prove to you in your language that they are not evil people. Such as prejudiced and bigoted view of things.

The fact that anti-semitic speech exists in some Arab media has nothing to do with 9-11. If indeed it did, then Al-Qaeda would have concentrated its efforts on attacking Israel rather than America.

It is not Israel that starved to death half a million Iraqi children after Gulf war I. I forgot, Madeleine Albright said it was worth the price. In fact, no Arab dictator ever killed so innocent children in such inhumane way and with impunity. I m hoping one day that war criminal Albright will be brought to justice.

Bin-Laden and co explained quite well why they attacked, why don't you believe them?

Obviously you prefer to bury your head in the sand.

Look at Chavez. He is hardcore anti-American and yet he doesn't watch Arab media, does he?

Unfortunately the US government has become one of the most murderous western governments since WWII.

Anonymous said...


You put words in my mouth...I'm not asking Muslims to prove to me anything...all I said was if they don't like MEMRI's choice of broadcasts/press clips, get in the fray and show that they are not representative! Until they stop broadcasting anti-semitic productions, for example, I'll have a hard time believing that they have benign intentions. And if you don't think the anti-semitism and the hatred of the west are intertwined you have a lot to learn! Anyway, you seem to be motivated mostly by a hatred for the use and abuse of American power. Have you ever heard of the Oil for Food program set up by the UN precisely to alleviate Iraqi poverty? Well, ultimately it was subverted by the UN, by Sadam, by the Europeans and by the Russians and turned into a giant bribe machine that fueled Sadam's regime while HE let his people suffer. You can't blame the U.S. for everthing! If you're the kind of person that feels sympathy for the likes of Chavez and Bin Laden then I think that you're one of those people that Lenin in a different context called a "useful idiot".

Moroccan said...

On anti-semitism in Arab media, MEMRI often translates "Zionist" to "Jew". When Colonel Carmon (the head of MEMRI) was asked about incorrect translations, he claimed that there can always be errors...a reasonable explanation, unless one knows some Hebrew and understands that Jew in Arabic and Hebrew pretty much sounds the same. It impossible for an Israeli to confuse Jew with Zionist in Arabic even if they didn't know the language. In short, it is not that anti-semitic commentary doesn't exist in Arab media (the same way anti-Arab anti-Muslim comments exists on Israeli media and US media), MEMRI misrepresents it to its non-Arab speaking target. MEMRI started off exclusively to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. MEMRI tries to tell its audience that the root causes of the 40-year old illegal Israeli occupation is what people say on TVs not the inhumane treatment Israel reserves for 3.8 million civilians living in one big open air prison under their control in violation of at least a dozen UN resolutions. For a US president to accuse Israel of apartheid means that it is worse than apartheid. So Arabs have some harsh words for Israel and some slip into generalization about Jews. The same happens regarding America. America has evolved from a friend of Arabs to one of their enemies. Arabs didn't send their troops to Washington DC nor did they bomb US capitals with their armies. It is the US that needs to leave the Arabs alone...and also the South Americans. Chavez is a product of US reckless adventures in Latin America. Anyways, who cares right? It just a bunch of brown people.

Anonymous said...

Your link didn't work for me..

As for the rest of your post, it's so full of leftist propaganda and bromides, I can barely find the energy to engage you. Suffice to say you are of the Noam Chomsky left, a fringe element in this country that I hope and pray stays there. I've learned the hard way that folks like you are beyond rational discourse. If you really believe your own B.S., I feel sorry for you. Get a life.

Moroccan said...

If you're interested in engaging me by debating my ideas, then leave labels and insult attempts aside. Calling me a leftist is not an insult pal. I take pride in it.

Here is the link again

Anonymous said...

you want to know the truth, mr. moroccan proud leftist (though my guess (just a guess for the fun of it here) is you're not moroccan but a pampered, probably pretty young, middle class american, possibly even Jewish, who's swallowed a lot of leftist hoey)...if even 20% of the stuff MEMRI posts on its website is accurate, that's damning enough. 'nuff said.