Thursday, February 08, 2007

Digging at Al- Aqsa Mosque

THIS ARTICLE could be the begining of a big conflict. The Israelis know how sacred we hold our Religious sites...but yet they want to ANTAGONIZE the muslim world. There is no reason for them to dig and escavate there. I'm not saying they will sabotage anthing, but why carry on this excavation when it will just fuel tempers. They will just end up pissing the muslim world off, and try to get Muslims to react in a negative way. "OLMERT, YOUR A JERKOFF"

PS: Dont confuse Al-Aqsa mosque with the Dome of the rock


Amenhotep®© said...

Well,this is a hard situation,Jews believe badly in their heritage their and so do Muslims,people need to work on a solution for both of them before it gets any worse,when i look at it in a neutral way,i really find it complicated.

Modern Pharaoh said...

I agree about the Solution. But it just makes no sense how those Israelis, who mostly their Grandparents probably came from either Europe, South America, or somewhere else lay such claim to a land that is not theirs. and not just that, but they persecute the palis and treat them like animals. Therefore the Palis have started to act like animals because they see no solution!

Amenhotep®© said...

My dear Pharaoh,i don't know if you have read about Judaism or not but long long time ago,Jews believe this land is theirs and they inahbitied it a long long time ago,So each team believes in its story,I just don't see a point of Jewish state?why can't people live along together without this names,And by the way Arabs 48 live in Israel freely and have the same rights as Jews,It's not about persecution,it's about violence which have to be ceased so both can live in peace,Jews have to stop looking for their ruins(Solomon's Temple) And Muslims need to know how to deal with them in a paeaceful way for a better future for both of them.

Urban_Infidel said...

I'd like to know exactly how excavating a building/mosque is causing riots.

And what does that have to do with people's ancestors being European or Jewish or whatever?

Modern Pharaoh said...

Urban Infidel: The excavating, weakens the structure of the Mosque, and it actually includes 2 rooms beneath the mosque!!

We don't need anything Excavated there...Us Muslims revere our holly sites!

PHARAOH made a great point, maybe their looking for Solomons temple...who knows!!

The point is they are doing something which they KNOW will anger Muslims world wide! They are antagonizing the Muslims and i'm afraid the Muslims will fall for it, therefore giving Israel the greenlight to do whatever sneaky thing they have on their agenda!

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

So why don't they display the same outrage when the Golden Mosque in Iraq was blown up by al-Qaeda members last year?

Gotta love the hypocrisy of the Muslim world. I doubt they would care if the al-Aqsa mosque was blown up by Muslims.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Anti-Wahabi: There was Outrage when that happened. Plus remember 90% of the Muslim World is SUNNI. The Mosque in iraq was a Shrine ie (Shia, they pray to imams) which SUnnis don't believe in and forbid.

But Alaqsa is the second holiest place for ALL muslims, Shia or Sunni alike. If ANYTHING happened to that place, WE would all not let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Modern Pharaoh, IIRC, there was an hadith that once said that the sanctity of the Kaaba is worth less than the blood of a Muslim.

Something to think about.

I do agree that is very holy, but using violence and inflammatory rhetoric isn't going to help man. Haven't we learned from the cartoon crisis last year?

Amenhotep®© said...

I do agree with Anti-Whhabi,Muslims don't know what reasoning is,violence and killing are always the answer,all Muslims here wanted a blogger to be killed because he said he left Islam and critcized it,Muslims need centuried to learn how to be civlized

Anonymous said...

MP said: "The excavating, weakens the structure of the Mosque, and it actually includes 2 rooms beneath the mosque!!

We don't need anything Excavated there...Us Muslims revere our holly sites!"

that's just a load of b.s., MP, the excavating is being done OUTSIDE of the mount compound, as required by israeli law whenever construction takes place in the Holy Land in a sensitive area. It's designed to strengthen the ramp that allows tourists to get onto the mount. The arabs are using it as an excuse to divert attention from the Pali civil war and try to find an excuse for unifying. When the WAQF built the rooms below the mosque recently, they excavated without any supervision, and many relics would have been lost to mankind had not a team of israeli archaeologist dug through the mounds of dirt resulting from the digging. this was INSIDE the compound. many key finds were discovered. to deny that the Jews have any claim to the temple mount area is just an unbelievably ignorant position. Islam would not even exist were it not for the historical Jewish prescence in that very deny it is sheer ignorance of the highest order..a kind of willful fundamentalist ignorance.

Anonymous said...

btw, MP, i've been to egypt and i know that egyptians are some of the kindest hearted people on earth. it's too bad that they are also easily manipulated by government propaganda...mubarak keeps the anti-israeli venom flowing to distract attention from his endless dictatorship...but you live in the u.s., so you've escaped it, good for you!

Modern Pharaoh said...

@ANONYMUS: YOUR WRONG! Mubarak is actually VERY pro-Israeli...and is always trying to prove that Israel and Egypt can cooperate together! Its the Extremist muslims who preach hate towards Israel..and ISRAEL for some reason is always giving them Reasons to!

@ RASTA man i'm deleting your Comment because your insulting my Prophet you can repost everything you want but take out the Swear words!!! Eat a dick by the way you SKUM BAG!

Anonymous said...


Mubarak is pro-Israel for a few reasons: he's a pragmatist, part of the Nassar, Sadat generation that went to war with Israel and realized it was futile; he needs American aid; he's rational; BUT, he needs the anti-israeli propaganda to channel popular dissatisfaction and he saw what happened to Sadat (he was there that day) and knows that getting too close to Israel is not healthy; Israel and Egypt have a cold peace; Mubarak's never gone to Israel like Sadat. Anyway, that hit song "I hate Israel" which was top of the charts in Egypt had nothing to do with fundamentalists, and the gov't controlled press is full of anti-israeli hate. When I was in Egypt, everyone told me they loved Begin and Israel. People were admitting they had Jewish relatives!! That was in 1982, I think, so the pro-Camp David peace propaganda was very strong. Not so much now. It's too bad.

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

"But Alaqsa is the second holiest place for ALL muslims, Shia or Sunni alike. If ANYTHING happened to that place, WE would all not let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

I forgot to correct you on that. The second holiest city in Islam is Medina.

I'm just pointing out the hypocrisies of Muslims. When the Wahhabis attempted to destroy the home of the Prophet (saw) to make way for a hotel, there was nothing but silence by Muslims.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Rasta Man. When you wanna leave a comment that there are no Verbal Insults in them to ANY RELIGION or prophet..then i will leave them!

You can call me or anyone names i don't care.

Rasta Man hopefully one day you'll wake up from your idiotic stooper! Eat 2 dicks Skum bag!

Anonymous said...

@Anti Wahabi,
Your situation is pathetic brother you hate wahabi's only because they believe in one allah whereas most of you are happy in assigning partners with him by giving some foolish reasons. THIS IS HARAAM. However they don't bother what you do and do not speak ill about you but it is you who is trying to degrade them by being ill mouthed. Come on what is your problem? You guys are even ready to support an anti muslim to fight a wahhabi.

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Shaikh: First of all who told you that Anti-Wahabi assigns partners to God? that would make him a Kafir, are you saying he's a Kafir then? you TAKFIRI moron? Wahabis are GARBAGE & a stain on the name of ISLAM! Tfooo