Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fox News. Twisting Imams Remarks.

So i had to send an E-Mail to the HANNITY & COLMES show on Fox News. They are absolute liars and so how this guy twists the words of the imam and tries to make the Imam look like he is talking bad about America. First watch the VIDEO then check out my Email.

Hello. I watch your show regularly, and i was very surprised to see your display on this show regarding the Imams sermon. You were putting words in the mans mouth, and you started off by saying that he marched in a Pro-Hizbolla rally while "Rockets were raining down on Israel" and not once did you mention the Massacre Israel did to all of Lebanon last summer, dropping bombs and killing over 1200 civilians and making over 500,000 homeless!! Why would you be so one sided?

And the Imams remarks about Occupation are most likely regarding the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank ie "occupied Territories". I was very upset by your remarks and how you continue to try and make anything a peaceful Muslim man says into a huge deal!! This man was preaching peace and you twist the entire thing around.

Shame on you, specially when so many people are influenced by your un-educated un-calculated remarks you made regarding this topic. Obviously your a Zionist supporter of the Occupation of Palestine and the destruction that took place in Lebanon last year. Its people like you that make the world a worse place to live. If you were a bit more Ethical you would have surely not tried to twist this topic in such a way...or is it because of your Republican support? Well this is absolutely not the way to buy Republicans twisting the Imams Speech in the democratic meeting to draw support away from the Democrats.

Tarek. S


"The Evolutionary" said...

I didnt even make it half way through this video--I had to turn it off. FOX news is such abominable crap, as are Hannity and Colmes and particularly Anne Coulter. Maybe you younger folks have the nerves for this insanity--me--I come close to bursting a blood vessel in my brain. I am so left of center that if I was walking in a circle--I'd end up at the right--no--just kidding--that would NEVER happen! But I am an aging ex-hippie liberal who long ago gave up watching this filth in favor of concentrating on positive media in all manner of things. I dont have as much life left to live as I have already lived, and I prefer to focus on positive instruction for change. To that end I must tune out these tools and concentrate on the love and mercy and most importantly--the ultimate justice--of Allah, and how I can use His religion to further peace and love in this world. I just cant deal with the hate--and lies--any more. I applaud those who can answer these liars back, so I applaud you MP. Just dont expect a rational answer from them--if any. But you have done your part. May Allah reward you for that.

Modern Pharaoh said...

Evo: Thats just how i felt..Anger, Rage and disgust! lol, i'd like to go stick my foot up that guys TeeZ!

Anonymous said...

The imam could have said that he was referring to the israelis in palestine, but he refused to make that clarification, because in all likelihood he was talking about iraq!

Anonymous said...

people like the imam are such double-talk experts...they think americans are stupid, that we don't understand their 'code'. for example, when they talk about moses, jesus, mohamed, they are pretending to be ecumenical and accepting of others' faiths, but really they are asserting the islamic tenet that these are muslim prophets of the one true religion. the democrats in the audience can be ignorant or pretend to be so, but many americans understand exactly what is going on here: the long-term agenda is an islamic america...we get it!! oh btw, free andalus!!

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Anonymus: your talking like a consiracy Theroist.

And whats with the "FREE ANDALUS" are you trying to get CUTE? why bring a stupid phrase like that up that was said by AlQaida..has nothing to do with this imam.

And anyways lets just say he's talking about the USA when he says the USA NOT the invader and occupier of Iraq? Wasn't Iraq a safe normal country before USA went there and kidnapped their president?

Saddam was a bad man we all know, but he was the ONLY man who was able to unite that country and let those people leave in peace together! The few he killed were always people trying to rebel against him..he was wrong but that was his policy...much better than what is going on there now. When he was there Sunni, Shia, Christian all lived together just fine.

Anonymous said...


"free andalus" - ok, i'm being cute, but i'm making a point...the islamists view any land once occupied by muslims but no longer as occupied territory, so i was just showing the ridiculous extremes it can go to. (the rest of the land is "land of war", land that SHOULD be muslim)

and...i think it's beneath you to be an apologist for sadam, esp. if you truly treasure american freedoms...he was worse than bad...he gassed thousands of kurdish civilians!! he had professional rapists on his prison payrolls to rape women in front of their husbands/fathers/brothers...he threw people live into human meatgrinders, etc. Ask the 80% of iraqis who aren't sunni if they would dial the clock back to your "safe, normal, peaceful" country ruled by sadam...well, you know the answer..they'd rather put up with the present b.s.; kurdish iraq is what a real safe, peaceful country can look like. i'm afraid you view the world through sunni eyes, my friend. btw, the US invaded iraq to get them out of kuwait...that was in 1991..what happened in 2003 was a break in the armistice after sadam had for years violated the '91 terms (no WMD's, inspectors on the ground, etc. etc.) - those were U.N. approved terms, btw. not to mention the oil for food scandal..

Modern Pharaoh said...

@Anonymus: Ask any Iraqi Sunni/Shia or Christian if Iraq was a million times safer and better to live in befor the USA went in there and created all this Chaos and gap for Extremist terrorists to fill.

And what WMD are you talking about exactly? That was a fabrication by DoucheBag BUSH (The true Tyrant of this world)

Anonymous said...

MP, it might have been safer for most people because the kurds were protected by the americans and the shia were kept in their place by the 20% minority dictatorship, BUT that doesn't mean it was better; most shia know time is on their side now and that the chaos will eventually lift. They don't want to turn back the clock. The Sunni do, but they have to be persuaded that it won't happen. The truth is, there was no Shia anti-Sunni violence until the Baathists and Al-qaeda started shooting up the Shia because they couldn't swallow being in the minority (bunch of babies). And i really don't think you know what you're talking about when you pretend to know what the Shia iraqis and kurds want, it's just wishful thinking. As to your remarks about Bush being a tyrant - maybe you don't deserve to be an American after all - go back to Egypt and your beloved Mubarak, no tyrant he! (sarcasm toggle off) Sadam had WMDs, just not on the scale EVERYBODY thought, but he had everything on the shelf in case the UN sanctions were ever lifted, he could have had an A bomb and all manner of bio weapons very, very quickly.

Modern Pharaoh said...

Its not just me who Thinks Bush is a TYRANT ASSWIPE...70% of the world thinks so as well ;) The people that have died in this world due to Bush's stupid decisions are hundreds of thousands! and by the way THERE WERE NO WMD's unless your the only one who knows this secret!

Anonymous said...

70% huh? funny how he got reelected isn't it? so he's down in the polls and foreigners suck up the anti-bush b.s. - who cares? also, you're the one who drank the koolaid on no WMD's; he just didn't have them on the scale everybody thought; some think those he had were smuggled out to Syria; an iraqi scientist came out after the u.s. invasion and revealed he had nuclear centrifuge parts buried in his back yard; there's no doubt iraq had the technology; even sadam didn't really know what he had or didn't have because his scientists were afraid to tell him. My point is that without anyone knowing for sure what he had or didn't have, but all intelligence services united in the belief he had them, the U.S. could not in a post- 9/11 world take the chance that he did, and therefore we went in. You seriously don't think iraq had bio and gas weapons anywhere in iraq? you don't think they had the capability? Tell it to the Kurds! Also, I don't like the Iraqi deaths any more than you do...but Americans didn't cause those deaths. Arabs did it to each other!

Anonymous said...

Read what NYTimes reporter John Burns has to say about whether Iraqis long for the good 'ol days of Sadam:

"So yes, I do believe, number one, that most Iraqis still believe that for all of the price they have paid, amidst all of this chaos, that the possibility of a different kind of future for the country that was opened by the arrival of American troops was net an advantage. Let’s look at what happened after the hanging of Saddam. There were protests, but they were not very widespread, they were not very protracted. Saddam had very little legacy left at the end. The problem was not Saddam. The problem is that the Sunni minority in Iraq has not reconciled to the loss of power. That explains a great deal about the war. It was a frozen society. It was an unbelievably brutal society. And most Iraqis, and this is beyond doubt, and I include in this Sunnis, yearned to be relieved of it. And when America did that for them, it was after many, many years of Iraqis attempting to overthrow Saddam, failing, and paying an incredible price for it. So I think that we’d have to remember that in making an assessment of what happened...We’ll have to see what history’s verdict is, but my sense is that Iraqis still, in the main, are happy at least that Saddam is gone, very unhappy about other things, but happy to see him gone."

Read the whole thing: read what Burns has to say about how proud he is of our military, and about what would happen if we left: mass genocide...if the situation in Iraq sucks, it's not America's fault.

Red Tulips said...


The imam was later directly asked if he supports Hizballah, and he started ranting and raving like a lunatic. He had previously shown up at Hizballah supporting events.

Sorry, but the dude is an active supporter of Hizballah. This is a fact.

Link to interview

Might I add, it's bad enough if the imam was referring to Israel only. This is not for him to say at the Democratic Party national meeting.