Friday, February 02, 2007

The Real Danger to Egypt is from Within!

I am convinced that the biggest danger facing Egypt is from WITHIN,its the Hard line Islamist Fundamentalist groups, its not ISRAEL OR USA like many like to believe. It would be a surprise if for example Israel or USA ever bombed Egypt, but we would not be surprised if a terrorist act was commited against Egypt from WITHIN! Those fundamentalists have their own interpretation of Islam ,they do not use their brain like God has told us to do, they just listen to a Shaikh or another Fundamentalists (Mota3asib) and they are brain washed into hate and fundamentalism, which then leads to a breeding ground of little bastard Terrorists and by the way whats with many Shaikhs at the Friday sermon talking politics,and telling people what country to hate and what country to love, i mean what the hell do they know about politics?? They need to stick to Religion and leave the politics to the politicians We really need to watch out who is preaching to our youth
"The most dangerous illness is ignorance". Many of the people who join these groups are either poor or have problems and end up hiding behind the veil of religion.

I know many Egyptians Muslims and Christians who are worried and have always been worried about the growing influence of those hardliners, groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, MB have an agenda that does not promote Egypt's growth and prosperity, their agenda is to make Egypt into a religious state, ruled by their own interpretation of Islam.

I sometimes understand why the government is so touchy and is quick to arrest those guys, and i don't blame them...I often wonder if Egypt ever had a 100% free democratic election what would happen, and unfortunately the first thought that comes to my mind is that those Fundamentalists would rise to power, kind of like the MB has in the past couple of years. Those guys do not care about EGYPT they care about promoting their own religious agenda, i remember last year when their spokes person said "TOZ FE MASR" on TV!.

I am sick of seeing our youth brainwashed! having protests just to bash Israel and USA, and praise Palestine, HOW ABOUT A PROTEST FOR EGYPT, YOUR COUNTRY! Lets start with EGYPT FIRST

I am in no way bashing Islam, but i am realistic, the days of a Muslim Calif and a country ruled by Shari3a are over!! The great Caliphate is over because it was CORRUPTED towards the end, when rulers were ruling for their personal gain. True Islam does not scare me, remember i am a Muslim and i pray everyday. True Islam preaches friendship, and respect and peace, but the brand of Islam those fundamentalists want to impose would be the end of Egypt, and soon the Arab world.

The only solution i could think of is EDUCATION, not just SCHOOL education but MIND EDUCATION, we need to expand the populations mind, we need to give the youth SOMETHING TO DO, teach them other countries cultures and customs, teach them about other Religions, teach them to USE THEIR OWN JUDGMENT, and not just choose between BLACK or WHITE! Teach them to Judge people according to their doings not their Religion or their nationality!


Anonymous said...

Wery good blog
we all hope for a good forture for egypt

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

I agree with you 100%.

I don't know why some Muslims continue to wet their pants over their dreams for an Islamic khalifa, since there are more pressing concerns than to reinstate a caliphate.

Respect is earned, not given. I wish Muslims would heed upon that.

Anonymous said...

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Salam, Ahmad